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  1. Update r-link

    New update.
  2. Unmount and mount navigation

    That piece is TCU unit. In that unit is sim card on 2G technology. Also is telematique of the car.
  3. Unmount and mount navigation

    I don't buy. Renault change on warrnty. The price if I want to buy is 800-900 euro. If you want to buy model with soft version 3.X that don't work you must change another piece. I upload a photo with that piece.
  4. Someone had this problem?

    Repair will be done under warranty
  5. Someone had this problem?

    Renault has decided to replace the air conditioning distribution box, which costs about one thousand euro
  6. Someone had this problem?

    If the noise is from ventilation sistem they must to replace with a new one or with a new car. In renault service they spray with something like wd40 and the noise disapear for 24 hours. That is not the resolvation.
  7. Someone had this problem?

    Thursday I will meet with an expert from renault.
  8. Who makes this noise? 20171105_153624.mp4
  9. Unmount and mount navigation

    No. I didn't see that.
  10. Unmount and mount navigation

  11. Someone had this problem?

    Hello. It's a noise like you have parasites on the line and it's heard from the moment I open the door until the welcome sounds
  12. Unmount and mount navigation

    I have problems with navigation replace v2 with v2.
  13. Unmount and mount navigation

    Yesterday I change the navigation but nothing happens.
  14. Someone had this problem?

    Yesterday I change the navigation but nothing happens. 20171017_202138.mp4