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  1. Android 8 work with Rlink2

    Thank You all for the reply!
  2. Hi! Does Android 8 work with Rlink2 (older non Andorid auto version)? My Samsung S7 should receive it, but does anybody have experience, is Android 8 working correctly?
  3. Reverse lights LED

    So those leds for reversing is OK to buy - no problems with them? On the link, it says: This item does not fit Renault Kadjar 2016 -- [2015-2018] SUV 1.2 TCE 130.
  4. Let us know, when You receive them, how they are.
  5. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    It would be nice to know
  6. Wow, that is weird delay I started mine today with showing -12° degrees, but no delays.
  7. Give a temperature example maybe?
  8. R-link 2

    Hello! I did the firmware update to verison, after that i plugged in a empty usb drive, but now on my computer the RLink2 toolbox does not the see the flash drive at all? Also do i understand correctly, for the new map updates, i have to pay for a new one year subscription fee?
  9. Hello! Is anybody using the Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge with Android 7 Nougat? Is R-Link2 working correctly with the phone?
  10. Hey! And to be sure, You are using Android 7 Nougat?