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  1. Do I like my £24k Kadjar?

    i had door open warning for a while as i went round corners -caused all sorts of messages to flash up -engine cut out etc, bit of head scratching later (20 miles to dealer) worked out it was micro switch on drivers door -momentary breaking contact if my weight went against door, i could not see a way to adjust it so i stuck a foam furniture pad (packet from a £1 shop) on inside of door to make contact with end of switch- tried it with a band aid type plaster first which worked . though it was caused by the seat belt buckle getting caught when door was shut and slightly bending the metal at switch mounting hole. Marked end of switch with a felt tip and closed over door this gave me a location for the pad- i know you should not have to do this with a new car sir , but at least one of your front door switches may be at fault.
  2. new tyres now fitted at 17k miles, fronts were down to wear indicators , rears a bit left but not much , so went for 4 off 225 x 45 x19  GT radial sportsactive from Arnold Clark (bought car there) not the cheapest supplier but free puncture repairs was tempting enough -though i hope not needed. I will say however they (arnolds) efed me about over delivery and it took another week to get sorted out . They advertise as tyre sales as a part of their company but turned round and blamed their partner /supplier then customer care said no way of registering a complaint lol how to keep your scores up on that front.

  3. 2nd service now done ,I had to get the dealer to replace the gaiter (flexible bit round gearstick) for gear shift ,manual gearbox, it had began to crack and a small hole was developing where the black pvc formed a fold/corner near back at passenger side. This was done without arguement ,but at 14k miles the quality of material used in the interior is a bit worrying.

    If you pull the plastic up and examine the hollow folds mine was behind 2nd gear position .

  4. Update - dealer has ordered (or so he told me) a new seal under warranty, tells me that only one warranty claim for this door allowed, Now given the sticking /not retracting seat belt rubs the thing has this contributed to the premature wear as seal has now split vertically. Dealer not forthcoming ref how often this has happened, so on a car with less than 10k on clock and 16months old ??? not inspiring. if and when i get the seal fitted will update further.
  5. my kadjar nov 15 drivers door seal has signs of rubbing / wearing through ,just about from seat base to almost top of seat back, rather disconcerting, anyway i have just received recall notice for radiator hose so will ask at dealers when i get the car in for that check. ps had 2 quashqai s these never showed any sign of wear on door seals, so i am not very impressed with this Renault. Sadsod.
  6. Some kind 1/2 wit snapped my rear wiper arm and threw the blade up side of car. So I phone dealer parts department and was advised that a new arm would be £54.00 and i could reuse my blade. After I declined this bargain bit of plastic and started looking at other Renault cars I noted that the Clio 02 -06 had a almost identical arm which I source from E - **y for a more reasonable £12.00 complete with blade, it arrived today and I switched the metal boss (bit that goes onto wiper drive shaft ) the arm is now restored and works fine. Just food for thought, spare parts are a money pit.
  7. Hi , joined in November 15, but life with its ups /downs got in the way. Anyway we have a white kadjar 1.5 diesel . Had 2 nissan sqashies in past 2nd one was diesel. The kadjar engine seems a bit more responsive. no real problems so far, occasional alarm trip just after parking but not often enough to pin down. dont think much of the front cup holders -too shallow so using it as a tray for my mobby. Got the skinny spare as an option and glad I did with 1 puncture in front tyre middle of no where , Only other gripe is I seem to be on a bomb run for the local bird population including sea gulls and us a good 20 miles inland. Had the car in for airbag and r link recall last week got a nice boot liner and 1.5 hours sitting reading magazines drinking coffee whilst it was carried out. Sadsod (Qashqai has been according to friends on that forum)