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  1. R-link 2

    Have you got an active subscription? I have the same problem, with no connection, but Renault say it's because my subscription has run out.
  2. R-link 2

    Cheers, that makes sense. I'm currently I discussion with Renault to get an extension to my maps.
  3. R-link 2

    Are you sure you've had the map update? Mine looks the same, but I didn't get any additions maps. I just did V2.2.19.200. My maps have expired.
  4. Unable to connect to R-Link Store

    No, its not, but when it asks you to connect, it says it's free anyway.
  5. I've update my Rlink 2 software to, but I'm now unable to connect to the R-link store, in the car. If I click on Apps, R-link Store is greyed out. I then click on "Connect" and it asks me to enter my email address. When I do, I get the message "Connectivity cannot be activated for technical reasons. Please try again later". I've tried it several times during the day, and different locations. Any idea how I can reactivate R-link?
  6. R-link 2

    I did put the USB Stick back into my computer, but no further updates available, and no option to reactivate rlink. Rlink toolbox was running. There is no sign of a map update to v16.12, but it has updated to (from 642449), how do I know if it's v16.12 or not ?
  7. R-link 2

    Ignore my last message, I just tried again and it worked. I've updates to and I now have radio text :-) The problem I have now though is I need to connect the car to it's network. When I enter my e-mail address to connect, I get the message "Connectivity cannot be activated for technical reasons. Please Try Later" Has anyone else seen this ? and will it work eventually ?
  8. R-link 2

    I entered my VIN number, but the box goes red, with no messages. Does this mean I cant get the update, or am I doing something wrong ?
  9. My Routes App

    My R-link 2 updated the My Routes App today. Now, when I go into the app, a message flashes up that says : "couldn't find config file in the backend" Has anyone else seen this, and is there a way to fix it?
  10. So, two replies, one saying Hands Free Mic, and the other saying temperature sensor, which were the two suggestions I gave in my question. So I still don't know what it is, for sure.
  11. Thanks for the replies. It just seemed like an odd bit of plastic to be a temperature sensor.
  12. Does anyone know what this little black button/ knob/ sensor is? I was thinking thermometer or something to do with microphone, but not sure. You can probably see, its in the centre console above the mirror.
  13. Track information from DAB radio

    I took my Kadjar into Renault for a Firmware update, but was told I had the latest version. Renault Connected Services replied to me saying : I am sorry to inform that the update has been delayed by the developers.The god news is you won't need to book your car in for service again, since the update is being made available for download on the R-Link Store directly. Meaning you can do it on your own computer at home.Unfortunately we do not have an estimated date for released yet, but if you would like I shall keep you informed and notify you once it comes out.