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  1. Ive Just discovered a way of displaying the name of the road you are driving on without having to have a destination set. If you go into the full nav screen, and tap on the bottom right menu icon, select Where am I? and voila, it gives you your road name as you drive and your co-ordinates should you require them!
  2. So when I go to Menu , media, bluetooth, instead of listing my playlists it just has my device name and options to disconnect. This has happened before but it seemed to sort itself out if I switched my phone on and off. I updated my maps earlier so don’t know if that has done something but at a loss. My iPhone says I’m playing my music through the rlink but it doesn’t come out. It’s an iPhone 5s. I’ve seen threads about iPhones not working after iOS updates and the bluetooth is greyed out on menu - that’s not the case here. Not sure what’s going on - any help appreciated!
  3. I ended up buying 2nd hand alloys with winter tyres but had to buy separate sensors.
  4. Child Locks

    Has anyone else had an issue with the child safety locks? Mine seem to be quite loose and on several occasions my child has been able to open the back door from the inside. I was blaming him for interfering with them and mentioned it at my first service the other week. Turns out they are faulty and were probably jumping out of place on speed bumps supposedly. Getting them replaced under warranty. Might be worth checking out!
  5. How do i update maps?

    I'm sure I tried that at the time and it still wasn't there! Will have to get that map updated and see what happens!
  6. Error downoading maps

    Thanks, ironically, it just successfully completed the download when your reply popped up!
  7. I'm trying to download the latest map update but it gets to around 97% then says there's a download error. Has anyone else come across this?
  8. To update on my original post and for anyone who's thinking of doing the same: I decided to err on the side of caution and ordered pressure sensors from carparts4less, around £28 each I think. Got them fitted to my second hand winter wheels, had to do one final reset via the touchscreen and by the following day, hey presto, we are sorted and pressures are now displayed for the winter wheels. No need for Renault to programme them or anything, the computer just picks them up and "learns them". Hopefully this will be ok when it comes to first MOT which will land in the winter of 2020!
  9. How do i update maps?

    Does the new update happen to include St Andrews, one of the oldest towns in Scotland?! 🤪
  10. How do i update maps?

    Thanks, it’s such a faff! And after all that I’ve just realised by usb isn’t big enough! Grrr
  11. Updating from to

    How I do that? Is that the coyote update that was on the r link app? Can’t seem to figure it out!
  12. How do I update maps via r-link store? There was a coyote v2 update available to download - is that the maps? I can't figure out where I'm supposed to go to!
  13. Updating from to

    Is 590 the most up to date version? Mine is 803 and had its first service today and they told me it was up to date!
  14. Surely then all older cars without TPMS should all be deemed unroadworthy?
  15. I do apologise! My big fat finger must have slipped! Mine is indeed 34 and 31!