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  1. So my Kadjar goes in for its 1st service today with main dealer. Escorted back to car once ready...pouring rain so jumps in car quickly. Quick wipe of the wipers....6 inch scratch on drivers side approx 4 inches up from bottom. I reckon it happened when the car got its "complimentary wash". Straight back into dealer to report...now have to wait until Monday to see if it can be "sorted" or needs replaced. I'm going to haggle for replacement....let's see how good the dealers customer service is 😡😡😡
  2. I currently stream Spotify from a Samsung 7 Edge via Bluetooth. All works fine except no album art displayed which I believe is an Android bluetooth issue (works fine with an iPhone). I have an iPod Touch 2nd generation with Spotify on it...it connects to r-link via Bluetooth but nothing plays in car even though the iPod is playing. Anyone any ideas or is it just too old (using IOS 4...unable to upgrade beyond this) to use it the way I want to.....seeing album art. Thanks
  3. Age is but a number!

    47 years YOUNG 😉
  4. Sat Nav Woes

    Just input a destination into Sat Nav...Dunfermline to Edinburgh Airport, the Sat Nav suggests that the fastest route is 44 miles...see picture. The airport is 13.8 miles away on a major A road. Any destination I input that SHOULD take you over the Forth Road Bridge totally avoids crossing it and takes me on a major detour. There are major roadworks in the bridge area but the roads are not closed and been ongoing for a couple of years.. New bridge being built. Any suggestions 🤔
  5. Android Auto

    If Ford can do it !!!! http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/806825/Ford-iPhone-Apple-CarPlay-Andorid-Auto-2016-cars-update
  6. Track information from DAB radio

    ...here's an update I received from Senior Customer Manager today for DAB radio, Maps & Android Auto. We can live in hope I suppose 🤔 A 2017 Map update will imminently be available and will supersede the 2015 maps currently in the KADJAR and the plan is to offer 6 monthly updates. The DAB text information is working now in France and a software update is being prepared for the UK although we are uncertain whether a customer can update via the RLINK store or whether it will need to be applied by the dealer- Please keep an eye on the RLINK store for both Map and software update. Android Auto is not an update but will be part of an evolution of RLINK 2 which will only be available on future factory orders and will not be back- compatible
  7. Door alignment

    Picked up car 2 weeks ago...back to dealers last weekend with faulty alarm...appears sorted after a reset. Mentioned that I thought drivers door was not aligned properly..."technician says it's fine". I disagree and have been trying to speak to Renault Customer Services to seek their opinion....still waiting on a call back after a week. Phoned another dealer today and they weren't interested in looking. Who agrees it's not aligned properly ?
  8. 7 days in and really enjoying the car (2017 1.2 Dynamique S Nav) . A vast step up from my previous 14 plate Sportage in terms of quality feel. Only one problem so far...an alarm that goes off when it feels likes it. Okay for first 3 days...has gone off every day since 😔. A trip back to the dealers tomorrow to sort it out.....hopefully.