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  1. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    Track info was working ok. No longer have the car. Part ex'd it for a new Peugeot 3008 1.6 Allure diesel automatic. No problems at all with the track info on it. Works perfectly.
  2. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    Track information still working. Needs a little "nudge" sometimes when on classic FM but I think that is down to classic FM on Digital rather than the system
  3. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    So far so good!! Track information still working on both DAB and non digital.
  4. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    Presume that the update covered everything, or am I being hopeful? Software reads Boot release 4992 Navigation info I'm a complete technophobe OAP, easily baffled!!
  5. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    No problem, I'll try and remember. If it goes off again it'll be back PDQ
  6. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    Just goes to prove a complaint to Renault can work if you are persistent!! Good luck to all of you in contacting your dealer
  7. ICE - DAB Radio text.

    Glory Be!! Got a phone call from Renault last Tuesday (26th) to get me to book my car in at the dealer. The long awaited update has arrived. Took it to Arnold Clark yesterday and "Hallelujah" we now have the track display working.
  8. Track information from DAB radio

    Thanks 1964. I'll have a look. Don't intend to update maps until the new Mersey Crossing is done and the road system re mapped (not that I don't know the area like the back of my hand!!)
  9. Track information from DAB radio

    Had another phone call from customer services and was told yet again that Renault still had not found a way of updating the software for the track display. I pointed out to him that some 17 plate vehicles had this display working and some didn't and was told that the updated system would have been installed at manufacture. My Simulcast is working ok, it just hops from digital to FM if signal lost. Would someone mind explaining in "words of one syllable" how to access r link and use a memory stick for any updates. Sorry but computer literacy is not my strong point!!
  10. Drop in MPG

    Had car (1.5 Dci Sig. Nav 16 plate) since January. 7000 miles when purchased. Had first service in April. Now got 10.5K miles. Since purchase, fuel consumption has never dropped below 53 mpg. Just done 1250 on holiday in Ireland at an average 61mpg.
  11. Track information from DAB radio

    The customer services manager is supposed to be contacting me again next week. I shall mention this. Don't know why new software is so difficult to sort out!! Never a problem in my wife's 66 plate Clio.
  12. Track information from DAB radio

    presume this is a 17 plate car? If so, what is the problem with Renault? Have they got a fix they are not telling us about for owners of pre 17 plate cars?
  13. Track information from DAB radio

    Had several phone calls from Renault customer services, all telling me the same thing, that the solution to the problem of no track information being displayed on DAB has been sorted in France and is expected to be "passed off" in UK very soon. Apparently it is a "large file" which may involve a trip to the main dealer. I have recently seen many brand new Kadjars particularly in the 2 weeks just spent in Ireland (very common over there) and wonder if they all have the same problem. I am not holding my breath.
  14. Track information from DAB radio

    Had its 1st Service last Month at 1 year old with 8.5K miles recorded. It told me it was due, so I presume everything was reset after to "flash up" after the next 12 months
  15. Track information from DAB radio

    Many thanks for that information. No offence taken re the plug in sat nav. I've tried doing updates etc on other things before and made a right bugger of them, so I shall have to try harder!!