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  1. My Kadjar helping me doing the things I enjoy

    Yes, I drove backwards to cottage to make it easier to go back later
  2. How do you use start stop feature?

    After battery and one connector (I don't know exactly which) replacement by warranty I don't have any start/stop issues anymore.
  3. How do you use start stop feature?

    Already did. They resume: 1) I have too short trips and battery constantly discharge. Thus I have to periodically charge it with external charger. 2) CLIP diagnostic didn't show any errors and battery test was OK. 3) Stupid consumer and dealer always smart I don't know how to exactly determine "short trip". I have usually 2 times per week 2x50km trips and rest of weekdays a little bit shorter ones (10-15km). I'm going to do own independent tests by Renault official instructions. Like this: Checking the current delivered by the alternator Engine running. Warm engine. All consumers switched off. Put a current clamp on the connection In which range is the current delivered by the alternator? Less than 5 A Replace the alternator. Between 5 A and 35 A Go on to the next step. >>>>>>> Greater than 35 A Check that there are no electrical components consuming an abnormal amount of current. Disconnect the fuses one by one. Comparing the current delivered by the alternator with and without electrical consumers switched on Engine running. Warm engine. Put a current clamp on the connection Switch on all of the consumers (main beam headlights, de-icing, passenger compartment ventilation),then record the "I2" current delivered by the alternator. Switch off all of the consumers, then record the "I1" current delivered by the alternator. Compare the two values measured. What is the obtained result? "I2" greater than "I1 + 5 A" Go on to the next step. >>>>>>> "I2" less than "I1 + 5 A" Replace the alternator.
  4. How do you use start stop feature?

    Yes, as I wrote, I think it's a design flaw. I only managed to use start-stop for a few days after charging battery with an external charger.
  5. No. I just bought them from e-bay and installed at the winter tires rims. They start working automagically. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VDO-Tire-Pressure-TPMS-Sensor-Fits-LADA-NISSAN-RENAULT-Megane-MPV-407004CB0A/162625762874?fits=Car+Make%3ARenault&epid=2166236563&hash=item25dd40363a:g:t~IAAOSwiqtZjEOh
  6. How do you use start stop feature?

    If you see this symbol, then press was hard enough for start-stop, but it blocked for some reason (for me usually battery low charging level). .
  7. How do you use start stop feature?

    Yes, it definitely (electrical) engineering fault in Kadjar. I stopped using start-stop because its benefits are doubtful. We can maybe save small amount of pollution, but lose in battery and starter lifetime.
  8. So sad that bad list is much longer.
  9. How do you use start stop feature?

    Mine works very occasionally too. I have investigated possible reasons with ODB2 and Torque and it seems that main reason of failure is battery charging level. It have to be at least 80% full to start-stop working ("Bat Min chg." on the screenshot). Battery of my car usually is in range 69-75% ("Bat Charge"). Even after 2 hour highway driving!!! Only after charging with external charger start-stop works for couple of days and then stops again. I thought that it only problem of my car, but now reading posts in this thread it seems like it's the common problem with Kadjar. I don't know is it weak actuator, faulty voltage/current sensors or car's "brain" itself, but anyway - welcome to the club
  10. Exactly. There's a table with compatible rims and tires for Kadjar: And link of speed difference calculator.
  11. Speed warnings on r link (Brian)

    You can left speed recognition on, but turn off overspeed notification in the R-Link instead to avoid "bongs".
  12. Satnav map routing failure

    I've used Python based pyren with mod_ddt plugin (PC only), but it possible to do same with ddt4all as well.
  13. Satnav map routing failure

    Quite tricky way, but yes.