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  1. How do you use start stop feature?

    Mine works very occasionally too. I have investigated possible reasons with ODB2 and Torque and it seems that main reason of failure is battery charging level. It have to be at least 80% full to start-stop working ("Bat Min chg." on the screenshot). Battery of my car usually is in range 69-75% ("Bat Charge"). Even after 2 hour highway driving!!! Only after charging with external charger start-stop works for couple of days and then stops again. I thought that it only problem of my car, but now reading posts in this thread it seems like it's the common problem with Kadjar. I don't know is it weak actuator, faulty voltage/current sensors or car's "brain" itself, but anyway - welcome to the club
  2. Keyless car theft

    I suspect that nobody wants to steal our Kadjar this way
  3. Hack the nav files?

    Please try to understand - each lyc file valid only for one device - the one for which it was made. You can't take leaked to the internet license from other unit and put it to the your R-Link2. It just wouldn't work. But you can try - the criterion of truth is practice
  4. Hack the nav files?

    And where do I get lyc file for my own content? Not possible. Content of this file extracted from firmware upgrade image (SyncTool_11.apk from it) and we don't have access to the live system for changing anything. No ADB access, no root, nothing ... I would be happy if anyone could hack the RL, but at the moment it's not possible, as far as i know.
  5. Hack the nav files?

    False. Regarding to the SyncTool configuration buildings content have to be licensed as well: [Content_building] device_dir="/map/content/building" update_media_dir="content/building" files="*.3dc,*.3dl" recursive=0 operation=pseudocopy check_licenses=1 static_update_keeps_recent=1 Licenses don't needed for, lang, schemes, voice, vr (voice recognition) files and for licenses itself, Full content of this sync_files.ini file provided by me at the beginning of this thread. Method, what you're going to try basically works. I tried it in this way. Took Austrian speedcam file (Austria.spc), renamed it to the Belarus.spc, generated Belarus.spc.md5, created Belarus.spc.stm (with text inside: purpose="copy"). Packed all to the mappackage_tt_FEU_MID-1506-BY.sku, generated .md5 for it. And it installed, because iGO detected already licensed Austria.spc content (name of file don't matter, Navi shows double Austrian speedcam content after installing). After that I created same package, but with purpose="delete" in the Belarus.spc.stm file and after updating R-Link my content were removed.
  6. Hack the nav files?

    If you use not hacked software, then no matter how many lic files you have. You just need right licenses for your device. Licenses generated from unique for each device SWID code and works only on that device. Old iGO and Amigo using lic. Newer iGO versions (Primo, Avic, Nextgen) have lyc extension of license file.
  7. Hack the nav files?

    Yes, along with your downloaded *.sku files you have to have downloaded *.lyc file as well. It contains needed license for your R-Link2 content in those files.
  8. Hack the nav files?

    Selfcreated map packages will not work because of missing licenses for your content. I guess it not will be possible to install at all
  9. Hack the nav files?

    It seems that ADB is disabled by design: [18:16:31.387] adb_bind_config [18:16:31.387] init: cannot find '/sbin/adbd', disabling 'adbd'
  10. Exactly. There's a table with compatible rims and tires for Kadjar: And link of speed difference calculator.
  11. Speed warnings on r link (Brian)

    You can left speed recognition on, but turn off overspeed notification in the R-Link instead to avoid "bongs".
  12. Totally agree with You both! Why? May be I don't understand because of I have used only manual wash so far (since March). No topless, though
  13. Unmount and mount navigation

    You had a close look to this unit. Did you observe SIM card (or slot) anywhere?
  14. Unmount and mount navigation

    Internal view.
  15. Unmount and mount navigation

    Very interesting - so many disassembling to replace radio. What you replaced? I mean different version (ver 2 vs ver 3) or what?