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  1. Diesel MPG ?

    Just a quick note regarding Supermarket fuel against a premium brand. Just filled up with BP standard diesel (usually use Asda fuel) about 2p more per litre than supermarket (shyed away from buying BP ultimate diesel, was 11p more per litre - didnt think that would make enough difference to MPG to pay over the odds). Anyway on a short 60 mile round trip managed over 60 mpg. On the Asda fuel only managed 53 mpg on same journey, early days yet so I will see what a full tank does over the next month but am encouraged so far. Chris
  2. Mind you, it does not bode well if the alarm has come loose after only 1000 miles! Hope its a one off and not indicative of Renault build quality!
  3. For the past week I have had a curious metallic knocking noise that appeared to be coming from somewhere around the front passenger footwell or door. This only occured when making sharp turns to left or right. I looked under seat and under the glove box but could not see anything obvious so took it back to the local dealer. A five minute trip out and a quick fix, proved to be one of the alarm boxes had come loose under the passenger side dashboard. Thanks to my local Renault dealer (Greenhous) for fixing it there and then - all quiet inside the cabin again now! Chris
  4. Diesel MPG ?

    At 1000 miles on the clock mine is now averaging about 53mpg - this includes mainly short journeys during the week and longer runs at w/e. On a long run of about 130 miles it managed 57 and that was trying to be as frugal as possible. Will try premium diesel rather than supermarket fuel next fill. (Trip mileage reckons about 620 miles to the tank). These figures seem to compare favourably to the "real-world" figures produced by Equa Index. Chris 1.5dci Manual
  5. Members Kadjar Showcase

    Mine after autosol chrome parts and wheels, and black restorer on panels and tyres. A quick dust off with a micro-fibre cloth and she is shining again! Impressed with the Fusso 99 soft wax I gave her at the weekend - very easy to keep clean now. Chris
  6. Polish's, Wax's, Whats your choice ?

    Spent this weekend working on the paintwork on my cadgey. A good wash and dry then used Bilt & Hamber Clay bar to remove any last surface resins. Followed by application of Fusso 99 light wax. I found it quite easy to use and so long as you didn't wait too long easy to buff off. Not a really deep shine but excellent water repellency. Here is bonnet after a wash and rinse but before clay bar, notice how water stays in droplets on surface. This is clay bar after use on the bonnet: ( a bit out of focus but the bar was obviously clean and white before use)! And here is the bonnet after waxing and sprayed with water: As you can see the wax is extremely hydrophobic and water literally runs straight off when sprayed. Fusso 99 claim up to 12 months protection so will keep you posted! Chris
  7. Freshly Waxed

    Thanks mertar.
  8. Polish's, Wax's, Whats your choice ?

    Thanks Ade, Suprised that such a new car would need it but as you say its probably the best way to remove any previous polishes etc. to enable the wax to bond. Look forward to a nice dry day to get to work on it... very theraputic! Chris
  9. Auto-folding mirrors are TRUE!

    As I understand it, these "updates" were added to cars "manufactured" after the 16th Nov - yours was registered in Dec but could have come off production lines in early Nov so will not have the auto-locking, auto-folding mirrors or glovebox light. I can confirm that mine (Dyn Nav) has all these things and was manufactured in early Jan 17. Sorry SteveC!
  10. Polish's, Wax's, Whats your choice ?

    I have just ordered a pot of Fusso Soft99 wax as this is supposed to be one of the best lasting waxes on the market (up to 12 months on one wax). Shall let you know, its only a medium rated shine but one of the best for repelling water and dirt. Will post later when I try it! One thing that is recommended is to properly prep the surface before waxing to get the best results - however, they dont say what to use.... anybody got any ideas for surface preparation, car only a month old but NOT supaguard treated ... dont think it would need clay-bar clean, just a shampoo and dry, what do you think? I have been using autoglym super resin polish which gives a good shine but not top-notch water run-off. Thanks, Chris
  11. My New Kadjar

    Hi turboted10, Yes indeed, my mate has recently bought a new Hyundai i40 estate and he puchased a very expensive (£120) titan custom made boot liner for it. I was an old skniflint and cut a tarpaulin I had in the garage to fit, stuck velcro to the back of it and it seems to do the job just as well, only cost me a few quid! I did'nt consider the wheels bumping down rocky and muddy tracks when I ordered the car, probably just as well I had the seventeens rather than a Dynamique S I was offered on the 19's!
  12. Freshly Waxed

    Beautiful, what a shine! Which wax do you use?
  13. My New Kadjar

    Finally took some shots of my new pride and joy. Only a Dynamique Nav 1.5dci but at the moment.... touch wood... all running smoothly after 670 miles no problems! Bit surprised that Renault still not fitted leds to the window switches but very happy with auto-locking, glovebox light, boot partitions and boot liner (which has saved me a lot of mud from all my fishing gear!). Chris
  14. New member saying "Hi"

    Welcome Pete, Thats an impressive MPG already - I have had mine from new (10 miles on clock) about three weeks ago and have only acheived 55 pmg on last tank fill - now six fifty miles on clock. I do find mine a little underpowered on Eco mode if you want a brisk overtake but around town Eco is ok. No problems so far apart from Tom Tom live traffic not informing me of a motorway closure near Birmingham the other w/e - fortunately ignored route and went home via Wolverhampton - sat nav eventually re-calculated the route for me. Chris 1.5 Dci Dynamic Nav
  15. Diesel MPG ?

    Mine now risen to 52mpg with a bit more rural road miles - only done 200miles on clock so will proabably improve. Going on a longer run this w/e so will see what that brings (mostly country A roads - not motorway). Oh and the other thing I tried was turning Eco on and off whilst trying to maintain the same throttle on a flat straight road and it does seem to increase the current MPG reading quite significantly so I guess it does work - mind you car feels sluggish compared to with the Eco off, have to turn it off when overtaking as no oomph at all! Chris