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  1. Spotted two poo colour kadjars

    It's nice color. I had very similar on my AR159 it is not wow color but it's very practically, for me it is far better than silver. As my wife says silver car is without paint
  2. First wash of Kadjar 4x4

    With ECO on try to push accelerating pedal more then to first blocking position, yes it is possible like in with automatic gears models (for kickdowns). When you do this, eco mode is off and you have full power, you can try if i'm wrong.
  3. Wind noise when driving

    Could you put here some pictures?
  4. I have 1.2 TCe and I can say that turbo is noisier than the engine Of course with open windows. With closed windows inside car is not noticeable. Fuel consumption is better and better after some mileage.
  5. A sunny Kadjar

    Mazda in many models uses only one 2.0 naturally aspirated engine even in small CX-3, they called it rightsizing...
  6. A sunny Kadjar

    It's not 1.6 Turbo but MR20 petrol 2.0L (1997cc) L4 16V DOHC, Dual VTC, direct-injection with 6MT or CVT 200Nm/4400rpm.
  7. A sunny Kadjar

    I have 1.2 Tce too but they have choice... I hadn't.
  8. A sunny Kadjar

    And 2 litre petrol engine...
  9. Creaky plastic fix

    Yes i've watched it but there is only about removing vents but he is not showing how to dismantle it. I tried for about 30 minutes and didn't figure it out how to do this without damage
  10. Creaky plastic fix

    That's right - maybe it's not exactly poor quality of plastics but poor quality of build. I've done the same as that guy with driver side of this plastic strip and this helped. I want to make quiet the vents plastics but i don't know how to disassemble. I had it in my hand, the driver's side, but i couldn't disassembly.
  11. Creaky plastic fix

    You mean the edge of the moving part of the glovebox?
  12. Creaky plastic fix

    He is repairing poor quality of plastics, I do the same with driver part, the passenger part is not moving and creacking. The most poor quality is vents they are creaking it selfs and i do not have to touch it. Terrible.
  13. Creaky plastic fix

    Can you put here instructions?
  14. Gas bonnet struts

    Come on :), sometimes everybody has to pop up the bonnet... to check out the engine oil, refill windscreen washer or so on...
  15. For you... for me it's not But inside of Qashqai, I think for everyone, it's a very old fashioned car like Mitsubishi ASX...