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  1. Galaxy S7, 2000 km, absolutely zero problems.
  2. Changing tracks using bluetooth

    This is application bug, Kadjar properly sends "track skip" bluetooth command but the app decides to interpret it fast forward instead.
  3. Ho Ho Moment

    Mine was better - I stopped at Subaru service station in Switzerland (just after my daughter barfed on red stitched black leather in my Kadjar) and a guy came to pick up his car (in some lousy replacement Audi limousine...). When he was leaving the office, he spotted my Kadjar from the side, then he stopped to look a bit more, and then he circled it to the front to see what made the car is!
  4. Latest version of R-Link

    I'd suspect it's not RLink fault, but Spotify. Try playing Spotify through XenoAmp (for Android) and see if it displays tags correctly.
  5. Kadjar manual states that it is forbidden to use snow chains on 18" and bigger wheels (section 5-13). I know there are countries in which they are mandatory and police won't allow you to go further without them (Switzerland in winter). So what should I do in such case? Also - what is the reason for forbidding chains by Renault?
  6. My Kadjar Night&Day

    My Kadjar is Night&Day trim (available in a few countries), differences from the outside: black mirrors, black bottom plate, black alloys with red Renault logo, inside - black leather with red stitching. It's more or less like BOSE edition without 4x4 and diesel.