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  1. Towbar Electrics

    When trailer connected, the dashboard states "Trailer connected: Blind Spot Alert deactivated" (or similar) - comes back on when trailer unplugged.
  2. Towbar Electrics

    The loom piggybacks several connectors for sensors, brake lights etc etc etc then (and this is what took me ages to find!) there is a power lead already in the boot taped up to give the power to the towbar electrics. Of course the constant/switched live for caravans requires seperate wires running - the part number for the loom is on the instructions for the dedicate towbar.... I picked the most expensive option, but it does look best and no warranty issues and no bumper cuts with the drop down towbar...
  3. l/km instead of mpg

    It's a dealer only change I'm afraid...
  4. Towbar Electrics

    Fitted genuine Renault retractable towbar and dedicated electrics myself - all works well, sensors go off (I've got Signature Bose edition) when trailer connected, as well as disabling blind spot alert, however this is only because it needs programming by Renault to do this (you can't do it from R Link - it's a Renault CLIP programming job I'm afraid, so main dealer only). Mine was done whilst it was at the dealers for something else at no cost to me after I'd fitted them!
  5. Map Updates

    Are you still having problems? if so - I'll go and do it on mine and remind myself how I did it, that way I can talk you through the steps - at least that way you'll know whether there's a problem with yours or not.
  6. Kadjar Annoyances

    Are you a fan of Michael Gove by any chance? he too was someone who thought he knew about education whilst having (I presume) never been employed in the sector. To slate the entire profession as lazy (oh that'll be the holidays chestnut again) and incorrect (because you know better no doubt - home schooling is an option, you know - good luck knowing every topic in detail to degree level) is naive and I will treat your remarks with the contempt they deserve. Besides, are tutors not just teachers? To employ ones own tutor when you think they are lazy and incorrect is economics of the madhouse, surely? Oh but your selection was probably the complete opposite; hard working and accurate - amazing what results you can get when you're one to one with a student - I'd love to have that! I think you should spend a month working in a large comprehensive school as a teacher and then say teachers are lazy and incorrect - you may just adjust your view after you've been sworn at 3 times a day, marked 75 books in detail and done a 40 hour week every week.
  7. Map Updates

    Do you mean in your address book? I have several places stored in my address book with names against them rather than just locations. Is that what you mean?
  8. New member

    Cue everyone ordering new switches......
  9. Kadjar van

    And unfortunately the parts involve taking the seats out, so you'd have to have the car first.....
  10. Kadjar van

    Just noticed on the French technical accessories page that there are a number of parts that you can buy to remove the back seats and extend the floor, then put a metal division into the car to effectively turn the Kadjar into a small van. Why go to the expense of a Kadjar just to turn it into a van? Although having said that, I for one would be happy if I had to drive a van for work and someone gave me a Kadjar!
  11. Fuse type

  12. Fuse type

    Are Kadjar fuses micro or mini? Are they mini low profile? What do I order? Does anyone know?
  13. Part numbers and instructions for accessories

    Also found these part numbers if anyone wants a different coloured case for their key instead of the white one.... Certainly these part numbers work on allcarpartsfast - they claim to be able to get parts from France, so may be possible to order the shark fin through them? 77 11 780 549 (Noir brillant {Black}) 77 11 780 545 (Gris clair {Grey}) 28 5C 759 40R (Blanc brillant {Brilliant White})
  14. Part numbers and instructions for accessories

    No idea I'm afraid - just gives the part numbers for you to investigate yourself! Whether your Renault dealer will order them is another thing - try Renault France if not? I know for example that the shark fin aerial is also listed as an option on the new Koleos in Europe, so it may be that you would have to source outside the UK.
  15. May be of use to some people - apologies if it's been posted before (i'm a newbie!) - but lists all the accessories you can get along with fitting instructions and part numbers.... I particularly like the shark fin aerial idea.... Renault accessories