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  1. System Information

    My name is Matt Shattock and I am contacting you from Renault Connected Services. I spoke to you a little earlier on the telephone regarding the latest firmware update for your R-Link 2. As mentioned, some customers with an earlier software version have been invited to install this update via the dealership for testing purposes. As you have a newer software version ( , this option is still not available to you, however we expect the new firmware to be available for all R-Link 2's in the coming weeks. Can anyone confirm if they have had their software upgraded from 803?
  2. R link firmware

    Any luck having your r-link upgraded?
  3. New member

    Welcome and glad to hear your enjoying your new Kadjar! I have the 1.2 tce Sig Nav, but wish I'd gone for diesel. Interesting you mention your son works for renault. As you've probably read, many people on here are in debate about the shitty pre may 2017 build r-link 2 system which doesn't work properly and doesn't have CarPlay.... Does your son have any inside information on whether there is going to be a software update for this anytime soon? Renault customer service keep sending us in circles Thanks [emoji16]
  4. New member - 1.5dCi 110 Signature s Nav Auto

    Swapping an Evoque for a renault!? Are you mad!?
  5. Time for New Tyres

    My Kad was in the garage today with renault...only done 3500miles and after a health check was told my 2 front tyres are already 31% worn (down to 6mm). I was quite surprised at that! In fact, it's a bit of a pisstake. So based on that I'll be expecting to replace at around 10k miles
  6. Firmware Update????

    Does the Digital radio txt display properly now without having manually update stations
  7. Firmware Update????

    So no car play update then [emoji17]
  8. Tyre pressure

    Not sure if you've already tried this but I found that resetting the tyre pressure indicator whilst driving soon re-calibrated itself?
  9. Car play 2017

    Can anyone with a new Kadjar with CarPlay say what version of r-link they have? Also, how does CarPlay hold up on the r-link? Any reviews? Thanks
  10. Had my Kadjar for a few months now and Iv noticed that the rear suspension seems to be creaking quite badly when driving. At first I didn't think much of it and thought it would go away, but it's now starting to do my head in. Just wondered if anyone else has had similar issue? I'm going to call renault and book in for it to be checked out. Hopefully the new update is released and they can update the shitty r-link at the same time! Really starting to regret getting a Kadjar now. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely car to drive. I just find the MPG shocking and the r-link system no better than a crappy iPad you would find on a market stall. Wish I had gone for a bigger engine instead of the 1.2 tce. I think the car is too big and heavy for the engine, hence the poor MPG. I had a Megane 1.5dci previously which was at 50mpg, and I'm really noticing the difference at the pump with the Kadjar If anyone wants to buy a Sig Nav 1.2tce in blue with only 3000miles, then give me shout! [emoji57] Iv had 4 Renault's now and can honestly say this will be my last. I quite like the look of the VW Tiguan. Might just take the hit and trade it in Anyway, rant over! [emoji51]
  11. Car play 2017

    Anyone on here yet got a brand new 'fresh out of the factory' Kadjar that has car play/android auto as standard? We're renault meant to start implementing this from this month?
  12. Android Auto

    Surely the r link update is due out soon!? My screen suddenly went blank the other day and took a good few minutes to come back on. Really disappointed with the r-link
  13. Track information from DAB radio

    A little update from renault customer services: Thank you for your email to Renault UK. I am disappointed to hear that you are not happy with the performance of the R-link 2 within your Renault KADJAR. Renault UK have worked extremely hard to produce a media unit that we consider to be, not only easy to use, but extremely functional. I am sorry that this does not appear to be experience you are having. I have sought further advice from our technical team who have advised me that although the latest update for the media unit has been postponed they are expecting the release of an update this month. I hope that this will help to alleviate some of the issues you are experiencing. A full list of the bugs that this will repair will be released shortly. In regards to your queries regarding CarPlay, the advice that we have at the moment is that this will not be incorporated into the most recent update being realised this month. At the moment, CarPlay function is not compatible with vehicle models built prior to 2017. The technical team are currently investigating and working on the software to see if this is a feature that can be incorporated in an update so that customers can use this feature regardless of the age of their vehicle but there is not a current release date for this currently.
  14. Android Auto

    Iv no doubt there will be an update come May once the updated r-link 2 is rolled out into new vehicles