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  1. Sat Nav Post Code

    Once again Darenh thanks, and all to responded. Just found how to change from MPH to KMH, going to ROI next week.
  2. Sat Nav Post Code

    Hi, thanks for taking so much time and going in to great detail on how to find the version number, I have the same version as you. Perhaps this is an own goal for me. I have found if I put in the full postcode, I can find the address, if I put in the address it shows the postcode, minus the last letter. What is the best way to cancel an address once you have arrived at your destination.
  3. Sat Nav Post Code

    Hi Darenh, do you know how can I tell if I'm at the correct version, and do you get the full UK post codes
  4. Sat Nav Post Code

    First update, car first registered in November 16, I purchased in January 17 and downloaded my first updated today. I think something went wrong as I had the full UK post codes before I started, now I have lost the last letter, eg BT38 7RS, I now get BT38 7.
  5. Sat Nav Post Code

    Hi Karl, not sure what I got, I downloaded 3 updates; Service Push User profiles Coyote Series V2 Before I downloaded this, I had the full UK post-codes, now the last letter is missing.
  6. Sat Nav Post Code

    Hi, I have just updated the maps on my Sat Nav from the R-Link 2 site and I have noticed the last digit of the UK Postcode is now missing, also I now have a message" no map coverage for current location", can anyone help.
  7. My new Kadjar Signature Nav

    hi, thanks to all who responded, and apologies for my delay in replying. I spoke to Renault UK and they advised my maps are out of date and sent me a file to upload. The guy who sent it was very helpful and he said he would talk me through the upload. Not sure how long I'll get free maps for.
  8. My new Kadjar Signature Nav

    Hi Ade, thanks again, when I mean delete or cancel the address, for example when I had arrive at a destination I have programmed, how do you delete it. If I drive on to another destination it keeps trying to re-route me. Apologies for taking so long, off on a trip to Southern Ireland, is there a way you can convert mph to kilometres,
  9. My new Kadjar Signature Nav

    Thanks ADE, one problem solved
  10. Hi, I have my Kadjar 10 days, really enjoying driving it, however I have 3 questions, which hopefully some can help me with 1. How do I know my Sat Nav is at the latest issue 2. How do you cancel an address you have used on the Satnav 3. On every car I have owned, you can switch from dipped headlights to beam, blue lamp shows on the dash, my Kadjar doesn't , yet I flick the lever to flash the beam lights