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  1. glad you like yours. obviously a sad state of affairs for chinablue, but these things can happen. like i said in my post, some of us tradesmen spend 30k on a van and they have some bad issues as well. i love my vw transporter , have had it 1.5 years and its not missed a beat. but other users hammer it saying they would rather a renault traffic of vauxhall vivaro. I'm sure all forums are full of a bit of negative and positive. we are going to have this car 5/7 years, so not nice seeing bad things written about it. but I'm sure most of the stuff is positive. the car mags etc love it. all 4/5 minimum. i no its different owning it for 2 years i get that. anyway i got a brilliant deal, so even if i get a few issues I'm sure ill live with them. and the 4 year warranty should see me fine. all the best. jonathan
  2. just got my new car today. saying mine, the wife will drive it 99% of the time. went for the nav version in titanium grey. obviously the s nav has the big wheels and looks a bit sexier. but i got such a good deal at westover group bournemouth for the nav version. with the paint, and the car came fitted with parking sensors front and back, with folding mirrors for a fraction over 18k. beat my local dealer by 2k. although its new, it doesn't come with the walk away locking system that i saw 1 guy on here get. he got his car last week. so the 2 factories thing may play a part in that. some new ones have it, some dont. I'm not sure. just went inside and had a play. very nice layout and the r-link seems responsive and has lots of options. i did start it up and reversed it up a bit, very slowly and the sensors seemed very slow to pick up the car behind me. although iv just asked my wife about it, and she said they were fine on her trip to the shops today. so il guess i will have to see for myself when i drive it properly. i did see a lot about how slow the sensors are on some members cars. was there a fix for this? hopefully i dont need it. I'm defiantly going to get the side steps fitted, think they add a bit of purpose to the car, can anyone recommend a company that sells genuine kadjar steps? or is it best to go renault direct?. and once the tyres are worn out in 2/3years i will probably change up to the 19"s for a bit of fun before i sell up. this is an upgrade from our 3 year old clio. so the extra room is lovely. you do get a lot of car for your money in my opinion, and for me thats what its all about. young growing family, you want the best for your money. if we all had lexus or bmw money that would be great i guess. but for 18k you do get a lot of car compared to some rivals. so for now this will do us fine. maybe in 6 months il post again sharing my thoughts , we got a 5 hour drive to falmouth, that will be fun. hope everyone is doing good in their cars. jtp