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  1. Hi guys, Basically the question is how to re-scan analog FM stations? I haven't found any button like this when I was playing with the radio... Thanks
  2. I think Renault gave me an extra..

    As far as I know all EDC's for TCEe's are 7 gear
  3. Map Updates

    Well... it seems like mine r-link store is different
  4. Map Updates

    By the way, is there any place on the site to check how many days of map subscription are left?
  5. Map Updates

    I am using the Rlink2 Toolbox. The question is where the updated maps should show and option to download? In the 'Updates' section of RLink Store on under 'Manage products'? Could you please check that if you press 'Manage' button under the 'Map' section there is nothing shown? It seems very strange to me, because I would expect something like checkboxes as in the 'Rlink' manage section.
  6. Map Updates

    Hi everyone, I have my Kadjar since November 2016, manufactured in July 2016. The maps are still 12_2014, and by entering into managing my products I can't see and option to download new maps. How can I?