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  1. I discovered through Renault that if your initial 12 month R Link package has expired, which is supplied when purchasing a new Kadjar, then you will lose all Speed Camera warnings. This is supplied via Tom Tom and discovery packages. I have had the same problem recently, trying resets. It turns out package had expired. This should show up on the screen ( top right ) , where it shows a number of notifications in the system. I have now taken out a 3 year extension of these services. But I would warn you this is not easy, as dealerships do not seem equipped to do this. I had to go through a Renault technician, via the website. Obviously if this is not the problem then after a reset it will require you to find a speed camera to see if there is activation. Also ensure that all values are set correctly as after a reset the system reverts to factory default.
  2. Guys, Completed a full factory reset this morning. Beware this will delete any data you have put into the system. Took ages to set up all presets and settings again. Went for drive to find a speed camera, and behold both visual and audio warning activated. Let's hope this lasts. Will not cancel service booking, until fully satisfied that problem solved. Steve S.
  3. Hi Dave. Seems like you had the same outcome as me. Yes did contact Renault dealership where I purchased the vehicle. After explaining the fault they booked the vehicle in straight away with the service department. Stating that car should be left with them for the day as "sat nav "problems sometimes are not straightforward. Their response made me think that this had not been the first time they had encountered this. Suggest you do the same. Purchased vehicle last September and had worked correctly until now. Good luck.... Steve.
  4. Select system, sounds and warnings. Once in speed camera warnings select information icon, bottom right of page. This will show " restart". Press this and the system audio asks if you wish to reset that page to "default " , factory settings. Select yes. Although you will find that some sections actually revert to " off " , which you will have to manually reset. As I have tried most things I will probably take your advice unfurled and contact Renault.
  5. I have read previous reports on this topic, as well as replies. My problem is I have been receiving visual and audio warnings of approaching speed camera's , but have suddenly both stopped. I have tried to remedy this by resetting all warning icons concerning this, as well as doing a full reset, which sets to default. In some cases turning off items, these I immediately turn on again. But whatever I do does not remedy the problem. As already stated I have read previous answers to similar problems, and have used these practices, but still have the problems. It seems strange that previous owners only lost audio warning and not both as I have.