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  1. I have never opened my bonnet with the engine running but I did today. I have attached a video showing the engine running and noticed a rattling noise when idling. the car has only done 7500 mls since new can anybody tell me if the noise is normal (it disappears when the engine is reved up.) my car is Kadjar 1.2 TCE dynamique S nav. thanks in advance. youtube link: 20181005_170002.mp4
  2. Qashqai wheels fitted

    james did these automatically link to the computer after you initialized them using the r-link ??
  3. I had my 19" apollo alloys vandelised tyres slashed and rims damaged cost me a fortune to get repaired and re tyred, tyres were £216 each!!!! so after checking wheel dims etc i bought a set of 4 17" qashqai alloys with tyres for £175 taken from a 2013 model from ebay. i have fitted them to my kadjar and what a difference to the ride comfort compared to the 19" i cannot notice any control difference to the handeling at all. the only issue is that they do not have any TMPS sensors fitted so after looking on the web i can get 4 sensors for £125 they are 407004CB0A TYRE PRESSURE SENSOR PART NUMBER. another option would be to buy a TMPS emulator to turn the tyre warning light off other than taken the car to a renault dealer who can turn this off using a Clip device . i have attached photos of the wheels fitted as you can see they have centre caps with the renault badge, i used the original nissan caps as they are 55mm as oposed to the renault which are 60mm. all i did was buy some renault caps from ebay pressed out the badge and stuck them on the nissan caps.
  4. Qashqai wheels fitted

    they used a hammer of some sort and battered the rims also scratched both sides of the car and smashed the passenger window then the alarm went off this was about 4.25 am police seem to think is was a targeted attack and for the life of me i cannot think who would have done it. got a few feelers out so hopefully time will tell somebody could be going for a swim with concrete boots on????
  5. OMG!!!!! the wife just came back in our 2017 Kadjar and she said she has kerbed the back wheel ARGHHHHH. THEY ARE THE 19" APOLLO DIAMOND CUT TYPE. does anyone know what the grey colour is as got to be touched up, I can polish out the scratches on the flat area of the wheel and relaquer but I need to touch up some of the dark grey areas. any one help?????
  6. Hi I have a kadjar 130 tce and the near side front disc is getting scored see photo, the off side is fine other photo. the car has only done 1400 miles surely this is not normal??? any comments anyone before I contact Renault.
  7. front brake discs

    hi Renault Cardiff changed both sides of the brake discs and pads, they said that the pad had some hard material in them and have sent them to Renault france for investigation.
  8. Titanium Grey KPN touch up paint

    hi I just contacted Renault and they inform me that a touch up stick is not yet available from Renault UK.. if it's any help my Kadjar paint code is TITANIUM GREY TEKPN not sure if there is a numerical code????
  9. hi i have the lighting pack with the chrome bars with lights that shine on the road, does anyone know how the change the bulb???? also how do you remove the interior curtesey lights so I can change these for led's it says in the hand book that the dealer has to remove???????
  10. Hi I have just bought a 2016 1.2 tce kadjar with a 6 speed manual gearbox please can any one tell me the gearbox ref code or where I can find it on the box. I have the engine code which is H5Ft 408 many thanks.
  11. Fuse type

    hi just got these from amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0154KBM7U/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1and they are the correct type the pack was £6 and a good selection of various amperage. I used a small pair of insulated long nose pliers to remove them from the fuse block as they can be a bit tricky.
  12. Glovebox light

    bought one on amazon.co.uk for £6.99 inc p&p see link https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Indoor-Lighting/Dooda-Motion-Sensor-White-Night/B00IYKYN6U/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8