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  1. R-link 2

    yeah I found them in the end too. Anyway.. its much better with 300 and 2016 12 maps.. waiting for more!
  2. R-link 2

    Applied it just now.. worked ok. I will see tomorrow how it goes in usage with the 16.12 maps. Two things I noticed: - all the speed camera/warning settings seem to have been condensed down to 3 simple options now. Maybe that came with .200 as I didnt check though. - There is a GPS status menu option that is more easily accessible now
  3. R-link 2

    Yay this is great. I updated today and it worked but as I dont have a current maps subscription I have no updates available there. I see nothing in the rlink store either so I have contacted the help line.
  4. Per other thread in General discussions, the rlink2 helpdesk told me today I should be able to get an update for my 2015 Kadjar's rlink2 in October + map updates. It will need to go to the dealer for the update though. I understand major firmware upgrades are still done through the dealer.
  5. I was told today that there is an update coming in October that will apply to my 2015 Kadjar's rlink2.. and there will then be a compatible map update for it too
  6. Mr

    And if 4wd, you also see the % split between front and rear in that area.
  7. No, new car. I didn't think they were rubbish at first but after less than I would call a normal life time, I replaced them with ones from Renault and they were much better in staying on the windscreen. I found the original ones were lifting off on the very left side of the screen (LHD car) and there were marks appearing on the window where the pressure was. A good clean off and some new blades and they are good, and definitely a different brand to the original. My car was ordered as soon as it was on sale (in Luxembourg) so it was an early one (delivery Aug 2015) so who knows if the current ones have the same blades as mine did originally.
  8. The ones that were on mine were rubbish, new ones from Renault are much better! They were definitely a different make
  9. Diesel MPG ?

    6.3-6.4l/100 here with the 1.6 (44.8mpg?).. mix of in town driving but also 130km/h highway which is just 5 mins from home, though its usually bumper to bump traffic morning and night.
  10. Snow chains are possible, you just need the right ones. Renault supplied me with the Pewag Servo Sport if I am correct, for my 19" wheels. I test fitted them once, but twice I've been to the Alps with them for skiing and the roads were clear so have never used them at all.
  11. Android Auto

    Could be different hardware underneath allowing it to work, sadly.
  12. Map Updates

    The photos/doc for the Koleos launch in Europe from the Geneva motorshow say Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will work with R-Link2 now. I wonder if we can get an update for the Kadjar?
  13. Map Updates

    From what I understand, its TomTom that does the maps release, not Renault. TomTom pushes the updates to their apps and devices all the time, and customer companies might not see them regularly.
  14. Map Updates

    In response to my mail today, it was suggested that a map update cannot be that far away (although I don't think they are told for sure until it arrives). I've noticed more of the No map coverage for your current location messages too, but basically when "off road", ie in a parking area or similar. What had really changed is the frequency with which the system now asks to redirect around traffic, and the proposed redirections are often longer AND take more time. So I guess we wait for the next firmware and maps updates...
  15. Hi My R Link 2 had fallen behind as I found out recently as there was some issue requiring a system update at the dealer and therefore I was also behind on maps. It was still on / 4711. The R Link Helpdesk told me to go to the dealer to get the R Link updated. That was sorted today and I jumped to / 4992. This also pushed my navigation system to / March 31 2016. Tonight I did actually manage to get the newest maps installed through the website/ToolBox software to get to 2014_12 with the update to 2015_06. Is anyone seeing anything later than this? Thanks Craig