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  1. Sunday Morning Clean

    Great having a clean Kadjar but just when I thought I was finished I hear my other half shout "Please can you wash mine?". Gonna be a long morning 😭
  2. Kadjar Sighting Game

    Just picked up my 17 plate Sig Nav 1.6 DCi from dealership. So far 20 mile journey back to work and I'm impressed. Work colleagues have not seen one before so it's good to have a car no-one else has.
  3. Kadjar Sighting Game

    Just got back from Liverpool and I saw about 9 Kadjars in the space of 2 days. Very popular it seems.
  4. Picked my baby up today

    Looks great, get my diamond black next Friday. Scared to get it dirty. Enjoy driving it
  5. Finally : Android Auto ...

    Hi, I got an email from renault that said Android Auto will only be available from May 1st 2017 models and existing r-link2 systems will not be able to be upgraded. So the message from Android is incorrect. Awaiting a response from renault to ask why have renault and android quoted 2 different messages
  6. Android Auto

    Hi all, just had an official answer from Renault and this was their response regarding Android Auto on any vehicle built prior to 1st May 2017 Thank you very much for your recent enquiry on whether you will be able to upgrade the R Link 2 system in the new KADJAR you have on order when the software becomes available in May this year. I have made enquiries internally and unfortunately this won’t be able to be upgraded retrospectively. I understand this is important to you and wanted to ensure you had the correct information so you are able to make a considered decision on whether this vehicle is right for you going forward. Renault are a responsible vehicle manufacturer who pride themselves on transparency and keeping our customers informed at all times. I am sorry on this occasion the information is not what you hoped but hope it helps you with your choice.
  7. Android Auto

    I had replied to a previous post but thought I'd post it here for all to see just incase people are awaiting information on Android Auto. Excuse the small text in the screenshot but it's from a conversation I had today via online chat with Renault on Android Auto availability
  8. Renault Fuel Prices App

    Hi, reading about Android Auto I've just had an online chat with Renault and the representative responded
  9. New Kadjar.

    ur new car looks very nice especially those alloys. get my sig nav on 8th mar and so glad the dealer managed to swap the zeus alloys to what you have (apollo). enjoy
  10. just got mine. first impressions.

    I'm still waiting on my new oneto arrive, prob another 5 weeks. It's a Diamond Black Sig Nav but wanted to know your thoughts on enhancing the look a bit more and saw the Sport Pack on the Renault site. Is this a bit pricey at £685 although I might try getting the price down. https://www.renault.co.uk/vehicles/new-vehicles/kadjar/accessories.html
  11. I checked with my dealership today to add on the side steps and they gave me a delivery date within first 2 weeks of March 17 having ordered on 4th Jan 17 - Black Sig Nav 1.6 DCi 130 2WD. Will not accept a April delivery due to the same reasons

    They said by 15th March so I'm hoping too. I can't push too much as I got them to change my alloys to the Apollo as part of the deal so fingers crossed
  13. Kadjar Sighting Game

    I'm yet to see any Black Sig Nav Bose ones yet in my area, only in the showroom, so hopefully mine (when it arrives early March) will be the 1st around. scared to get the thing dirty
  14. Bose sound system quality?

    I finally get my Sig Nav 1.6 DCI 130 2WD in March 2017 and gutted to find out that the Bose volume doesn't auto increase at speed like my current Megane Coupe-Cabriolet. Overall I'm looking forward to it so hoping this is the only gripe with the new Kad
  15. Cruise Control

    Made me laugh RTFishall.