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  1. Updating R-link

    Only way to get this screen is for you to Buy a new car......... Good old Renault...............
  2. Error downoading maps

    Hi there it downloaded alright for me it took about 45mins to 60mins to complete
  3. R link firmware

    Hi Buder ok sorry mate so the latest is we will get 2017 maps in nov / dec then correct ?? by the way where did this onfo come from please and where in the world are you please ? could be right for your country but not for the UK........but i don't Know anyway
  4. R link firmware

    Well I had firmware done at dealers 2 weeks ago no problem and then I downloaded and updated my own Maps But there is NO 2017 maps available only maps available are 2016 !!!
  5. Hi All just to let everyone know firmware was up dated a few weeks ago then today I managed to update my Maps And now everything is good !!!! Latest Maps are still out of date though ( 2016 ) but are more up to date than last ....... Only took 20mins to update Maps just started engine and let it do its thing on my drive
  6. Hi Guy's I had the firmware update done a couple of weeks ago no problem.. Well now I want to up date my maps I have watched the Renault Video on how to and have read and used Ulfire's thread he wrote in October 2015 all very good,,, now I have down loaded the latest maps onto USB stick and have doubled checked they are on there,,, Now when I follow Renault's next step to load onto car they say start engine then on Switch r-link then place usb stick in slot and it will ask start the update ,,,, But when I do this all it says at the top no audio files found and just sits there and then nothing ......... So what am I doing wrong please ?????
  7. Map update advice

    Hi there I have done this as Ulfire suggests above mine when I start the engine then switch on the R link ,,, then when I plug in the usb stick it says NO AUDIO FILES FOUND so I don't now any help please appreciated ??????
  8. R-link Serial number

    Well Many thanks to johnbridge for showing me the link to Ulfire's thread he wrote back in 2015 now after following everything to the letter and watching video's on how to download & update my Maps all worked fine sat by my PC for about 2.5 hrs downloading then of to the car done the procedure set out in the video hay presto it will not up load to car all it says on R link is no audio files on device then does nothing just shows normal split screen map/radio station ,,,, if I then look on usb stick on PC all the map files have been downloaded onto it but I can not do anything with ,,,,,,so what am I doing wrong now guy's Any idea's please ??????????
  9. R-link Serial number

    Hi John Many thanks tried entering just the numbers and omitting the first three that did not work either but will have a read through the link you kindly found thank you .....
  10. R-link Serial number

    HI Guys trying to get my R-link serial number i have beeb doing exactly as they say start car ,, start r-link ,, place usb in slot wait 1 mins remove ( i actually waited 1.5 mins ) then placed usb in my laptop and it then says the serial number will be visible when you look at the usb stick on laptop it says LOST DIR then underneath R LINK when I click on R LINK it comes up with 8da3381505808296525.wls now when you put this in the R Link store to identify my R Link it says incorrect FORMAT WTF do I do now ???? anyone out there now what i have done wrong or what I need to do to put it right Many thanks ............
  11. New Firmware 590

    Well had a look at the above link ( Video's ) wtf don't they do an idiots Guide for Dummies ???? Think I need some more Brain cells must have a few missing...................
  12. New Firmware 590

    Hi 1964 so how do I download the latest maps from the R-link store if you have time to go through it step by step as I am a complete numpty on how to do things like this please thank you......................
  13. New Firmware 590

    Thanks JC Now This is what I have found it says MM 2014 Navigation FEB 13 2017 Base Content mappackage_tt_feu-2014_12 So does this mean I now have the latest Maps available for the kadjar that was produce in Feb 13 2017 Yes or No ???????
  14. New Firmware 590

    Hi Guy's Had Firmware upgrade today seems to fix all my problems with R-Link the only thing is I know this has been asked before but how do i find out what Map version I am now running because for the life of me i can not find this information hopefully someone can help thank you !!!!
  15. Confusing Dash Warning Light

    Compass arrow pointing north always