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  1. Keyless Driving

    Hi guys, I have been off the forum for a bit. I have the AceDVDs Mirror kit installed and have notice that the mirrors don't fold out any more upon starting, I'm wondering tif this has anything to do with it. I'm glad none of ya'll live near me, my wife and I don't even bother with the key any more :o)
  2. Hi All!! It's been a while since I've been on the forums with all that spamming that was going on then getting locked out Tapatalk when I was trying iOS11 during the summer. I am planning on selling my Dyn S Nav Kadjar at some point in Dec, so I'm looking for the best added extras to have on the vehicle to take to a dealer to get them excited. I have the KADJAR LED door sills that @darenh commissioned and the Folding Mirror Kit from AceDVDs however, as the cold weather sets it, these mirrors don't fold out. I have just ordered some QQ Side Steps to beef up the undercarriage but I want to add a strip of LEDS to it, anyone recommenced how too? Pis of side steps attached. Any other add ons you would put in before you sell it? Power commander? Wind Deflectors etc??
  3. Keyless Driving

    Yeah, I thought that but it’s in the manual pack at home. I’ve now tried it again, leaving the key at home, I drove to the supermarket and back 😂😂
  4. Keyless Driving

    Yeah. Switched off at each stop and started as normal.
  5. So today I drove from work to the rubbish dump, the vet and back to work (approx 4miles), I stopped the car at both the dump and vet and it worked as normal. However, I didn’t have the key on me, I had left it in work. I frequently leave my car unlocked both at home and work, it’s now got me thinking how easy it would be to steal. Has this happened to anyone before??
  6. Renault Kadjar spotting

    I got mine in December 5th and on December 10th my neighbour parked up his new Kadjar. Same model and colour!! [emoji23]
  7. Safety Recall Notices

    I do love the phrase "might fall off"!!
  8. Koleos

    I think so too.
  9. Koleos

    New car anyone?
  10. Side Steps.

    Essentially quite easy buy the instructions guide.
  11. Side Steps.

    Which one would you choose??
  12. Registration Lights

    Quick fix for an MOT.
  13. Registration Lights

    Is OEM actually OEM these days? I'm pretty sure dealers/garages just put on whatever they have. I took an old car to a regular garage for an MOT and he replaced all my LED upgraded lights to standard bulbs on the basis the car did not come with them. I asked for the bulbs back and he said "oh, they were binned". I asked the fault with them, and he said "no fault, just not OEM". So I asked if he got the replacement bulbs from BMW and he said "No" [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85]