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  1. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    So have I got this correct as this thread has become a bit confusing. Renault are launching some kind of update for the R-Link2 which will work on pre 2017 Kadjar models?
  2. R-Link 2 back to R-Link

  3. Kadjar maps Renault technical services

    Anyone got any further update to this topic. I can't believe Renault can get away with this? Any techno wizards opened their R Stink 2? What about a petition or a solicitor taking Renault to task?
  4. cabin pollen filer

    So now waiting for 1st service to be completed. Cabin filter I am advised should be changed at 1st service (only 3000 miles). But I don't need to worry as it won't need doing next year. In effect two years time. I think Renault is having a Giraffe.
  5. Is it activated in the menu?
  6. cabin pollen filer

    OK girls and boys, can anyone confirm the part number for the genuine cabin filter for the Kadjar 1.5 is 272774812R Thanks in advance
  7. Mud Flaps

    Which ones are these as they look much better than the ones from Renault or has anyone sourced any better?
  8. Hello from a new Kadjar Owner

    Few, had me going there for a minute Abedegno. I did the very same thing yesterday with same story but different colour. 😎
  9. Hello from a new Kadjar Owner

    Abadegno, what colour did you order and any additional spec?