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  1. R-link 2

    Interesting, has anyone tried to enter developer mode on a Kadjar. Google translate suggests the steps are: Get an empty usb memory stick in fat32 create a folder with the name of DEBUG inside the folder a file named DbgEnable.lge in the car remove any other sd card or usb memory and start the engine In rlink go to menu> multimedia> settings> photos Now insert the usb memory that you have prepared and wait at least 30/45 seconds Now with the touch pen or finger click on that black box that you see on the screen in this sequence: 1 time in the upper left corner and at least 14 times in the lower right corner. Between one pressure and the other they pass at least 1 second. If everything went well you will find yourself inside the debug mode !!
  2. Brochure for January 2017

    Did any of the brochures from 2016 mention regular map updates? Thanks
  3. Traffic alerts haven't been working until the new update as it would only direct you on a route that was slower. I'm still having issues with where the traffic events go 'missing' and I get routed back into traffic. Renault in their marketing literature guaranteed 2 map updates per year - I had my vehicle since January 2017 and only one map update was published before map updates expired also. Moan at Renault customer services - they'll either give you voucher codes to get map updates and traffic for free, or send you a check for £115 (£40 for 1 yr traffic subscription and £75 for 1 yr map updates)
  4. Message seemed to go away by itself, dealer was useless.
  5. boot4992 to boot 5327

    I'm asking for £340 for a new satnav, case and installation - I'll let you know how I get on!
  6. I wonder if there's something you can get off Aliexpress to cover it up?
  7. R-Link update.

    After nearly a year of chasing Renault, patiently waiting or the update that was coming 'soon' and being disappointed with remaining defects I have given up with them. I told them I'm going to buy an external sat nav system and I expect them to compensate me for this - we'll see what they say....
  8. Abysmal

    Despite having the firmware I reported remaining faults to Renault Connected Services - they similarly advised they anticipate another update to be available towards the end of this year.
  9. Hi, Having upgraded to I'm still seeing some issues: - Message 'No map coverage for current location' still flashing up - Live Traffic 'losing' data whilst on route, for example after initially getting routed around an incident it goes from seeing 400+ events to 5 events and routes you back into the affected area. These are the only two I've noticed so far - I've held off upgrading my iPhone to 11 from 10, in-case that causes any problems. I'd be interested to know what existing, or new issues, people are seeing with the new firmware. Thanks
  10. Hi, The firmware update doesn't update the maps - you then need to use the RLink2 software and a USB stick to install the 2016 maps.
  11. Might have been a coincidence, I went here on The Motor Ombudsman site: https://gpshub.force.com/consumer/ConsumerDisputes Raised a complaint against Renault UK Ltd regarding the RLink2 unit and the failure of Renault to honour it's guaranteed 'two map updates per year'. Less than a week later Renault Connected Services called me and advised I had become eligible for the dealer installed the update. Just had it installed yesterday.
  12. Has anyone had this update applied yet and know how long it takes? I was contacted by my local dealer to book in for the update, but they 'don't usually' off a collect and return service for recalls and as they don't know how long the update process takes would need to book my car in for the whole day, removing the option of a Saturday booking. As much as I want my RLink2 updated I don't really want to take a day off work for it...
  13. Translation: We (Renault) have screwed up so badly with RLink2 that we broke the normal USB update process and it must be done at a dealer...