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  1. Satnav “special permits”

    Had few, but they were regarding Ferries or Motorway Tolls and Congestion Charge, but never one that requires Special Permits, be interesting to see what routes they are on.
  2. Kadjar maps Renault technical services

    You have to put a usb stick into the usb socket in car, wait a couple mins,thent take out and insert into your comp, start rlink then toolbox.Should show updates then
  3. Just press where am I on r/h image at bottom right
  4. Apparently it seems nearly everybody got this, here is an extract from Facebook : Cliff Hawkins Ok have called Renault (dis) Connected Services and the latest update is The reason for the notifications this morning was that this version was released today as a customer download and not a dealer install only ... Standing down , thought I was in for new updates and bug fixes , feel more disappointed than I did last night went England lost 😂😂 3 Manage Like · Reply · 18h Steven West Nothing on R-Link Store tonight even though I got the message about an update when I started the car, but I downloaded the update that someone put a link to from Renault's website a few weeks ago and had exactly the same message; "You cannot install an old software version." I updated to several months ago and it definitely wasn't done by a dealer. https://www.facebook.com/groups/UKRenaultKadjar/
  5. Updates

    Take that as undecided then.....................
  6. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    That's the 2016 Chinese version https://carnewschina.com/2016/01/18/spy-shots-china-made-renault-kadjar-is-ready-for-launch/
  7. Boot Wiring help needed

    Another picture looks more like yours
  8. Boot Wiring help needed

    Here is picture of subwoofer, looks like yours is missing
  9. surely it would switch off when you got out and locked it.
  10. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    My Renault dealer told me that the alarm was changed when the walk away locking was added to the range. I have walk away locking and mine alarm beeps. That might be the reason some do and some dont.
  11. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Mine does the same, I also had the 2 Loud beeps, turned out it was a faulty sensor, but I still get the confirmation beeps when locking after they fixed it.
  12. Ship to the import centre at Southampton I believe.
  13. Updating R-link

    There are 2 styles for the RLInk screen positive and negative. Go to settings and select Display, then select Central display Select “Negative skin” or “Positive skin” to change the appearance of the touchscreen display. Then choose which one you want, I am sure the one you saw was the Positive one, anyways give it a go see what you think
  14. daytime lights fault

    Of course you could always turn on your sidelights, that way both front and rear would be visible, ok the fronts would be a bit dimmer than normal, but during the day who would notice.......................lol
  15. Active emergency brakingHi


    To change clock to analogue just change theme on main page.
  17. Kadjar Expression

    We don't see (if any) posts from anybody who has Kadjar Expression, who are free from all the hassles and Idiosyncrasy 's of the RLink system. So tell us what it's like without the curse of RLink and all the other stuff, and make us jealous with your hassle free driving .
  18. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    I saw that lol But as I said it's been doing that since I got it, and even when I mentioned the 2 loud beeps after the 2 beeps on locking, they didn't bat an eye on that, and knew straight away it was a sensor. So I guessed it was ok lol. I am still convinced it is though, ah well. I am sure there is more alarm stuff on here somewhere, or it could have been the other forum which it all mentioned, will have a look tomorrow, I sorting stuff out for the morning at the moment and getting the evil eye from my wife now lol gotta go goodnight.
  19. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    I had the same problem last February, 2 really loud beeps after the 2 normal beeps, they changed the module , turned out to be be a faulty sensor. But to have no sound at all does not sound right to me. Since I had the car I always get two beeps confirming the alarm is activated. I am also presuming you have walkaway locking too.
  20. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    kadjar alarm.pdf
  21. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    No, alarm beeps are not a fault with the Alarm, when you lock with hands free key you get 2 beeps for audible info that the car is locked,or if you keep the button pressed for 2 to 3 seconds it will beep again , this will disable the inner sensors so if you lock the car with kids inside or a dog , the alarm wont sound the intruder alarm
  22. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    The two loud beeps come after the normal alarm beeps, the loud beeps are much much louder than the normal beeps,this is to let you know there is a fault somewhere.
  23. New car??

    Thats very true
  24. New car??

    I wonder how old the NEW tv I saw in the shop today is ????????? Probably been there months....................
  25. daytime lights fault

    My rear lights do not come with the DRL’s . only when side or headlight are on.