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  1. Updating R-link

    My Kadjar is on a 16 plate and today I parked up alongside a 67 plate Kadjar and noticed that the kid in the car had the r-link on. The screen was completely different to mine. It looked modern, the layout was smarter and sleeker and just looked better. Is this something we can do ourselves by updating the SD card or is it something that has to be done by the Dealer? Cheers!
  2. USB Drive

    I set up a favourite phone contact on my home screen and it said I can add an image so I added an image to a USB pen and then put that into one of the ports and it connected it and then disconnected it. It did this for both ports. I used a pen drive in there when I first got the car and had no problems. Does anyone have any ideas why it is disconnecting it?
  3. Powered tailgate for the weekend

    I absolutely love this I have to say. I am partial to giving things a go myself but I am afraid that even this is too much for me given the number of features that you have added! Nice one though, you have added a couple of features that I believe should have been added to the Kadjar anyway!
  4. Around a year ago, I made a post about how I was having problems with my phone connecting via Bluetooth. I had bought a Chinese phone (good spec for less money than phones in the UK) but I could not, for the life of me, get it to sync up with my contacts, calls or Spotify through R-Link. I tried and tried. Many thought it was down to the fact that it was a Chinese phone. Many put it down to it running Android Marshmallow. I searched high and low but got nowhere and then I broke my phone. So, in came my new Huawei p10 lite which is a phone on sale in the UK and it linked up fine - great stuff! However, the phone on this mysteriously cracked in the last month and so, I didn't want to spend a huge amount on another phone as I am still in contract so I opted for another Chinese phone (Maze Alpha in case anyone is wondering) and yet again, this would no sync up!!! Aaaaaaah! Anyhow, last night I was determined to find a solution and thought by the off chance I would look through my phones settings. So I went to Settings - Apps and then worked my way through Contacts/ Phone and Spotify. Within these three, I went into permissions and noticed that these apps had been given permission to everything other than my storage and so, I gave it access to my storage and this morning everything worked perfectly well!! So, for someone who works in IT and is pretty technically minded, my first Chinese phone had given me some real headaches when it came to the R-Link, however, this time, it really was a simple fix! Just thought I would post this in case anyone else has the same issues!
  5. What Oil?

    Sorry for a really lame question but I have checked the manual and it is telling me to look in the maintenance document which I cannot find but what oil should I put in my 1.5dci? I have a feeling it was 5w - 30 but I could be wrong. I have some 10w 40 in the garage would it be ok to use this? Thanks
  6. What Oil?

    Sorry, I never did get that impression, it was just a thought really! Will check to see what they say though.
  7. What Oil?

    so would it be ok to add 5w40 to my 1.5 dci? I'vr got loads of it in the garage!
  8. I am not sure whether it is my phone or whether it is my system but whenever I have an incoming call it immediately puts on hold and I am unable to take the call. Has anyone else experienced this? I am going to try disconnecting and reconnecting later but it is a right royal pain. This as well as my inability to skip tracks when playing a song using my phone is really annoying me!
  9. Incoming calls put on hold

    thank you for that!
  10. Since I purchase my Kadjar in November, I have had my Huawei P8 phone connected via Bluetooth. It worked with no problems at all and it allowed me to access my contacts and call history all through R-Link. A few days ago, I bought a new mobile phone. It is a Chinese mobile phone but I don't think that has anything to do with it because it runs on Android, but I can connect to R-link to make and receive calls but I cannot update the contacts list or call history which is a bit of a pain. I have obviously tried unpairing and repairing the phone and I have tried selecting update the list with no luck. Does anyone have any experience of this problem? Thanks
  11. I have the same problem although it worked fine with the first phone I paired up. Then that broke so I paired up my new phone and now it doesn't ring. I also noticed that when people ring me, it automatically puts the call on hold and I cannot speak to them then.
  12. For the first time in my three months of ownership, I have played music from my phone via blueooth. It all works perfectly well but there is no option on R-link that allows me to skip tracks. The arrows on the screen only fast forward. Is there something that I need to do in order to get this working or is it not an option? Thanks!
  13. Changing tracks using bluetooth

    There is a setting on my phone for it to remain unlocked when in my pocket or in a certain location. I have set the r-link to be a trusted device yet it still only works when the phone is unlocked by me.
  14. Changing tracks using bluetooth

    I have a slight update on this. I have found that when my phone is unlocked and on and lit up, it will skip tracks using the R-link. Once the phone goes to sleep it stops skipping through the tracks
  15. Changing tracks using bluetooth

    I have tries quick tap and that doesn't seem to work either. It is really frustrating.
  16. Changing tracks using bluetooth

    Well after I left work yesterday I had a play around with it. It seems as though the arrows simply skip the track forward, even with a light touch. On one occasion it actually changed track but in 99.9% of cases it fast forwards. I also used the wheel on the stalk and that did nothing.I am confused as to what I need to do because there is no way it should be that difficult!
  17. Changing tracks using bluetooth

    if I tap it, it simply fast forwards a few seconds. I will have a look at the stalk. Something has got to work!
  18. I have got to say, so far, the fuel economy of my Kadjar has been brilliant. It just seems to go and go but I have only filled her up with £40 worth of fuel so far so I have two questions. How much does it cost to fill up the tank? How many miles should I get out of the tank if I am driving, on average around 57mpg? I understand that I could find this out for myself by filling her right up, which I plan to do but I was wondering if anyone has any figures so that I have something to go off! Thanks in advance.
  19. Bluetooth - phone connection

    I have a slight update to this and I am not sure why I though of it previously. The new phone that I was trying to pair up wasn't working and no matter what I tried I just could not get it to work. Anyway, a week ago today, I dropped my new phone and smashed it ( it was only two weeks old!) to the point where it no longer worked. I reverted back to my old phone and that linked up fine with all contacts and call lists showing on R-link. Anyhow, my new phone arrived (the same as the new phone that I smashed) and I paired it up and it still wouldn't work and I thought that was it and that it would never work. However, a couple of days ago, after installing skype on my phone, I noticed that it was showing the phone number of a client of mine based in Hong Kong. I hadn't added the number but skype had added it to my phone and that is when it occurred to me. For telephone numbers and call lists to show up on your R-Link all of your contacts have to be saved to the phone and not the sim. I always save my numbers to my sim in case my phone breaks. I copied all of my numbers across from my sim to my phone, paired it with R-link and everything was dandy again! Just thought I would point this out as it was bugging me for some time! Thanks!
  20. Bluetooth - phone connection

    ok that is interesting, so did you continue to disconnect and re-connect until it appears?
  21. Bluetooth - phone connection

    strangely, that option does not appear for me, even though the R-link is telling me to allow it on my phone.
  22. Engine oil

    I used half a litre, apologies for the confusion. I am not mechanically minded but I find this absolutely crazy for a modern car. I wonder what Renault make of it, they can't see it as being normal?????
  23. Engine oil

    I purchased it from Renault Swansea.
  24. Engine oil

    well when I was negotiating I said to the salesman, will you service it. It was a request that I am used to asking but then I thought but the car is only 6 months old and he also said himself that it wouldn't need a service. When I picked it up, he said that they had serviced it but in reality I didn't believe him. So I am going to monitor it and see how it goes. It is clear to see that the car uses a lot of oil, especially if you had used a litre by 8,000 miles. It is very strange.
  25. Engine oil

    My Kadjar had around 5800 miles on the clock when I bought it. Two days after picking it up at the end of November, the oil level warning came on which I thought was strange but then it went off a few minutes later and didn't come back on for a week or so. It then came back on every so often but to be honest, as I had it serviced when I bought it, I genuinely thought the level couldn't be low. Anyway, over the Christmas period, I had to make a trip and decided to check the oil and it was surprisingly low, so I topped it up with the oil that they supplied. I have read the forum and seen that some people have had the same problem and it is simply a case of the vehicle using a lot of oil but surely this cannot be right for a modern car???? What are your thoughts on this?