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  1. fuel economy question

    Well I filled up a week ago at the cost of £61. Since then I drove around all last weekend, I have driven to work every day and I have only used three bars from full. I think that is pretty good going. As I have mentioned, the majority of driving is on the motorway and I have been averaging around 60mpg this week. In fact, some days it has been up to 65mpg, ok the traffic has only been moving at around 65mph but I am pretty pleased with this. Currently, the car is telling me that I have around 500 miles left in the tank.
  2. fuel economy question

    Well as it has already been mentioned, the manufacturers figures are complete nonsense and every salesman told me that....so at least they are honest! But yes, take around 20% off to get a realistic figure. My book figures state 72mpg but I am not getting anywhere near this, but I am getting 57mpg on average which I am very pleased with. Just think that the majority of manufacturers promise high figures yet none of them will realistically reach that. Oh, I must add to this, I filled my tank up full last Friday and it cost £61. I did a 25 mile journey home, drove around all weekend and so far I have driven 100 miles this week with another 100 miles left for travel to work on Thurs and Friday. Only one bar has disappeared so far and according to the figures on the dash, I have around 600 miles left in my tank based on around 55mpg. I think this is excellent value for money.
  3. Well 3 Months in :-(

    Don't worry about that too much. It is covered under warranty so that won't be a problem. When I passed my test in 2002 I bought a 6 month old ford KA - it was all I could afford in terms of a new car and cheap insurance and after only a few months my steering rack broke. OK, Ford took three attempts to replace it but they got there in the end. After that, there were never any problems.
  4. fuel economy question

    oh, maybe I will leave it on then. The majority of my driving is from Bridgend to Coryton so it is motorway miles for the majority of my journey. Then up the A470 to nantgarw and across to BEdwas.
  5. fuel economy question

    that is interesting about the Eco setting. If it saves very little, if any at all then what is the point in it?!?! I am going to try and see what it is like with it off.
  6. Heating issues

    I am sure it will be fine! Will you still stick around on the forum?
  7. Heating issues

    oh nice, I was looking at those in the showroom, the other week while looking at the Tucson. They are lovely cars, Hyundai are making some great cars at the moment. While I didn't like the Hyundai Tucson purely because of the interior, the Ioniq is something else. My wife has an i30 and she has had that coming up to 3 years and it looks much better than the Tucson inside and she has had no problems with it. The Ioniq looks fantastic, that is a great choice.
  8. Heating issues

    what car is it?
  9. Heating issues

    Ah that is a shame, considering you love the car. I have not experienced their After Sales Support yet and I hope I don't have to but I will take a look at the forum in depth to see what has happened. After a week of owning the vehicle I have to say that I love it but I think I can see what you mean about niggles. For me I have had the engine temp query, there is an element of wind noise when driving that others have mentioned but I always drive with music blasting so it is not noticeable and I had a strange oil check message that popped up a day or two after taking ownership of the car - a message that has not appeared since. However, the car is continuing to grow on me and my only hope is that the 3.5 years of warranty that I have left will serve me well if I need it as I do plan to keep the car for around 5-6 years.
  10. Heating issues

    so you have decided to get rid of your Kadjar? What have you decided to swap it for if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Heating issues

    It seems as though the temperature gauge is normal as everyone seems to experience it and although I find it very strange, I am not overly concerned about it. With regards to the heating, I find the exact same thing, that HI can get too hot yet drop it down to 26 and it turns rather cold. I am wondering if this is the system as opposed to being a problem because my Vauxhall Insignia did exactly the same.
  12. fuel economy question

    Yes it is being added to my salary so there are no issues there! Thanks though!
  13. fuel economy question

    Swiss, that is an incredible return off a full tank. If I can get that it would save me a considerable amount in fuel costs. We have recently moved office and so, my employer is paying our fuel costs for the difference in travel between our old office and new office, so I am getting around £70 a month for the extra fuel. The less I spend the more I get to bank I guess!
  14. fuel economy question

    that is pretty good going to be honest and something that I would love to achieve. I cover 250 miles a week with work and perhaps an additional 30-60 miles on a weekend so I would anticipate that a full tank would last me two weeks worth of work driving and one weekend worth of driving - give or take conditions or speed. the economy on the kadjar and the engine has made me drive a lot more efficiently and thoughtfully as I had a 2 litre 160bhp insignia previously and that used to cost me about £40 a week, so I think this should do me a lot better!!
  15. fuel economy question

    hahaha, good point! I knew I had left some vital information off. It is the 1.5dci and I live in South Wales where it is around £1.12 per litre. Thanks
  16. Couple of queries

    Hi, I have a couple of queries and so, I didn't want to start a couple of new threads, so thought it would be ok to put them all in one! I have had my Kadjar for 4 days and I love it but there are a couple of things that I find odd. 1 - My engine temp started acting strange this morning. Took an age to get up to 50% on the motorway, then it dropped down to 25% and then a few minutes later it went up to 50%. Is this normal? 2 - What versions of the Kadjar have the road speed detection system? By that I mean, where it detects the speed of the road and displays it on the dash? 3- I had a check oil level warning that appeared on Saturday. I stopped the engine, restarted it and the message disappeared. The car was serviced when I purchased it and so I am assuming that the oil level is right. I haven't had a chance to check it yet. Anyone else experienced this message that then disappears? I think that is it for now, The car has been phenomenal on fuel. I have done a little bit of motorway driving over the weekend and on my journey to work this morning I was averaging 65mpg, which is pretty impressive. Cheers
  17. Couple of queries

    doh, yes it is the speed alert, for some reason I thought that would give me an annoying beep if I went over a certain speeds but if it displays the speed of the road then it is a handy feature. Thanks for all the replies, it seems as though the engine temp is usual but I am concerned about the oil warning, even though it hasn't come back on since.
  18. Couple of queries

    Yeah, that is the only issue I suppose with using electronic systems. I have had a look around for the road speed setting but I cannot seem to find it anywhere, for some reason I thought it was on the dynamique S Nav. Hopefully someone can clear it up. With regards to the engine temp, I do find it strange although if it is normal then I am happy with that! Yes my Kadjar was apparently owned by someone who works in the garage but I will check the oil level when I get the chance. Thanks
  19. Hello

    Hello all, just thought I would pop in here to say that I have just purchased a Kadjar. I have owned it for only a couple of days but I have to say that I love it. The choice was between the Kadjar, Qashqai and Tucson. I went for the Dynamique S Nav model (I think that is right) and after driving the Tucson I know that I have made the right choice. Anyhow, I have been browsing the forum for a few days and it looks like a great community so I hope to make use of it over the years! The wind noise issue that I have come across on here is an interesting one as I can certainly hear something while driving but I am not sure if this is normal? I usually have my music blasting anyway! Anyway, I am based in South Wales and amazingly I have not seen too many Kadjars on the roads around here so I kind of like how it is a little rarer than other cars! Lets get browsing a little more!
  20. Hello

    ulfire, I live near bryncethin, so I will keep an eye out, mine is white. Notty, out of curiosity is Nott your surname and are you any relation to Sheridan?
  21. Hello

    I live in Bridgend and drive to Bedwas every day and I have genuinely seen very few of them!!