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  1. Hi...Oh I know its a nuisance. Mine was actually locked when I went to the garage so I was lucky. I would tell the garage you want the mechanism checked and replaced or you will get in tough with Renault. That always does the trick. ...Good luck
  2. Hi....Yes it was the mechanism inside the door that failed. I had to have it replaced. That was January 2017 it has been fine since. It was done on warranty.
  3. Hi... Yes I find the seat belt does not retract properly. I trapped it in the door the other day, so now checking. I think its a flimsy seat belt. My previous car Citroen C4 Picasso Exclusive, the seat belts were made of a more solid fabric, never had a problem with retracting. And yes they are fiddly to get from the side pillar, because they are so thin.
  4. The passenger door lock will not open from the inside. The alarm went off yesterday for some strange reason, no one was near the car, as I was stood nearby.I picked my daughter up and when she came to get out of the car it would not open I had to let her out. Locking works fine all other doors fine....Has anyone any ideas on this please? Renault Kadjar 1.5 dci Signature Nav Black Bose 66 plate (Nov)