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  1. R-link 2

    Not me being “pedantic” - the comment about the DPF comes straight from Renault Tech Services. I’m merely the messenger.
  2. R-link 2

    The trouble is, there are plenty of people driving around in diesel-engined cars that wouldn’t know what a DPF was if they fell over one, let alone being aware of actions that might cause damage/shorten its life.
  3. R-link 2

    I’ve had an interesting discussion with various bits of Renault over the last few days while trying to get the map update. Talking to Connected Services, it was stressed that the engine has to be running during the map update. Their explanation was that this was to stop the R-Link switching into standby mode causing the update to fail. Thinking back to conversations I had about the DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter - when buying the car, I remembered the advice from a service tech about the potential danger of compromising the DPF if the engine is left on tickover. I raised this apparently conflicting advice with Customer Relations. After referring the question to Renault technical, the answer came back that the service tech was correct - if you let the car sit on your drive with the engine ticking over while the update runs, the DPF could be compromised. The advice from the tech department was to go for a drive while the update is running - but avoid auto-stop engaging because that would cause the update to fail.
  4. In the first couple of weeks driving my Kad, I did have a few instances of over-revving, but, in my case, I think it was that I hadn't really got used to the way the car/gearbox behaved. Coming to the Kad from a petrol Peugeot 308 that needed a big bootful of throttle to go anywhere, it took me a while to adapt to the Kad - much more subtlety required on the throttle. After I got through that learning curve, the over-rev went away.
  5. Newbie to the forum

    Welcome to the forum Bradders. Hope you enjoy your shakedown trip.
  6. Sunday Morning Clean

    Same request from SWMBO the other day - one seriously dirty car, so only one thing for it. Nice drive along the seafront to see George the Russian and his merry band of eastern-Europeans. Twenty minutes in the "office" with a cup of coffee while six pairs of hands wash, polish, valet, vacuum and deodourise. Job done.
  7. Prius seem to be hugely popular in my neck of the woods and if they have engine sounds, not many drivers have it switched on. I've seen quite a few close shaves in car parks etc. where silent, slow moving cars and pedestrians in close proximity can be a problem. I was taking my 95 year old Mum shopping the other day and walking her (slowly) across the car park, I realised I had a Prius rolling along about a yard behind me - we both saw it was there at the same time and it gave my Mum such a shock, she almost fell over.
  8. LifeShine Failure

    No problems with mine (yet) but its only 6 months. I did have a look at some of the comments on the DetailingWorld forum....I think you could say that pro detailers aren't the biggest fans of Lifeshine. Edit: Should have said mine had Supagard rather than Autoglym, but I think they are fairly similar products.
  9. One or two expletives

    I don't think they have cctv in the car park. I actually parked a long way from the main shop / plant area to look at sheds etc., so very few people/cars about.
  10. One or two expletives

    More like hand/shoulder bag height. They only use very low trolleys for plants etc..
  11. Towbar Electrics

    OK. Thanks - Mine was fitted at the import centre before it got to the dealer, so it should have all appropriate connections/programming.
  12. Towbar Electrics

    OK. Thanks - Mine was fitted at the import centre before it got to the dealer, so it should have all appropriate connections/programming.
  13. Tyre noise

    I've driven various different cars (with 16 & 17 in wheels) and a Peugeot Boxer 3.5 ton van on concrete roads. I don't find the Kad any noisier than previous vehicles - in fact I'd say a Peugeot 308 on 17 in is far noisier on that type of surface. On a long drive across Scotland recently, tyre noise ranged from virtually undetectable, through various rumbles to a loud howl on sections of concrete where the surfaced was ridged to shed water on bends. The major factor is the quality/installation of the road surface imo.
  14. Towbar Electrics

    I'm just about to connect mine up for the first time, so that could be very useful. Interesting to note that one of the bits of info from the salesman was that the Renault retractable bar/electrics was designed to turn off parking sensors automatically. I'll post again when I've got it hooked up.
  15. Towbar Electrics

    Same here.