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  1. I have just had a good example of how bad the Kadjar satnav mapping system can be. I was going on holiday and needed to go via Dorchester in Dorset. I thought that I would give the satnav a chance to show it at its best. The system told me there were traffic problems ahead and promptly found a reroute. I followed the instructions diligently and ended up in a cul-de-sac which the map showed as a through road in the town. On turning around the system provided a second reroute which took me back on the road to Yeovil where I had just travelled from. A third reroute option then asked me to turn down a farm track into a field where no road had ever existed. At that point I turned off the satnav completely. Needless to say the compass in my brain was far superior at getting to my destination than the rubbish maps and mapping software that Renault have provided and refuse to upgrade.
  2. Map Updates

    Mine has gone into the garage to have the R-LInk2 reconfigured. Doesn't seem like they did much as the customisation of my settings is still there. Map versions are shown greyed out so not really very positive. Faults of no traffic announcements on FM, no details for any sunject on DR, SMS texts still coming through despite being switched off, frequent 'no map details for my location' messages and I have even had full phone signal all day for one day despite the phone saying no signal, what a mess. It is now going back to the garage for a 2 day session to apparently have more detailed investigation. Will report back in due course.
  3. Yes go for petrol, I did and it is a beautiful car to drive with loads of power from the 1.2 engine. Mine is an auto which makes it even better to drive. Goodbye diesel I will not be buying another one.
  4. Map Updates

    Cookster Sorry about delay in replying but my PC has had to be rebuilt. Yes, I would like to know how to give names to the addresses in the Satnav lists.
  5. Map Updates

    1964 My car is going to a dealer to have the R Link reset to true factory default removing my map and R Link upgrades. They are then going to install updates that are available, hopefully bug free. Apparently only a dealer can reset the system as users are not given the right access to the system. Although we update software the system flashes this into firmware which is why customers cannot reverse the updates.
  6. Map Updates

    The cookster I would love to know how you add a 'name' to your addresses. I have only found country, town, street and house number fields to enter. Even the user manual only mentions addresses and not names. My address lists only addresses in alphabetical order.
  7. Map Updates

    Tsam Run the engine, press MENU, press NAVIGATION, press the 3 lines symbol at bottom right of screen, press VERSION and you will see the software that is loaded for maps. Individual software for various elements of the system can be found if necessary by clicking on DETAILS. turboted10 If it is ok for you then I would be interested how you save the NAMES and ADDRESSES of your destinations. I cannot find any way to save the names so for me the system is useless. If I have 5 addresses saved for a town how do I find out which one applies to whom? Never had a navigation system over the last 20 years that could not save the names to make use of the system customer friendly. Equally never had a mobile phone that could not save names for number retrieval. Same rules should apply for both.
  8. Map Updates

    Under R Link Store in the Manage tab mine show the updates that have been updated and all are already ticked. These are R Link 2 update and maps 2015. Maps for 2016 were there but have been withdrawn due to bugs which prevented correct updating. In the Updates tab there is nothing listed so nothing is waiting to be updated. Anything that has already been downloaded cannot be downloaded again according to Renault Support. If nothing ticked in R Link Store then nothing can be installed so will not show in R Link2 Toolbox.
  9. Map Updates

    Your car seems to be the same age as mine which was delivered with 12_2014 maps. Your screen dump shows R Link whereas I would expect you to be using R Link2 Store and R Link2 Toolbox newer variants. R Link seems to be for older versions of the system. Check that you are in fact using the R Link2 version tools for your new Kadjar. Don't worry I made the same mistake as the website directed me to the wrong R Link product download for my car but Ulfire pointed me in the correct direction.
  10. Map Updates

    Update on various R-Link 2 bugs and communications with Renault Connected Services Support. Copy of communication below. Subject: RE: 4-03054823 - Kadjar - R-Link 2 - Resetting back to factory software [ ref:_00Db0cZvn._500b010 [ ] Dear Bruno I think I may have confused you with my terminology 'connectivity'. That is not what I intended, perhaps it should have said the 'connected services' part of support. This is due my utter sheer frustration with a non-fully working system on a new £22,000 car. The issues are with some of the functionality of the R-Link 2 system. The car is new and nothing was setup for me on delivery. The R-Link 2 system has been designed with many added functions over the normal car. This includes things like adjustment of indicator volume, parking sensor sensitivity and volume to name a couple of what is probably many added functions to help the driver. As far as I have found these appear to work as intended. This is the situation as it was. The R-Link 2 system has also to provide standard functionality of a radio system which has been around for 20 years. 1. In this respect the TA [traffic announcement] function on FM band does not work for me or many other customers as can be seen from the Renault Kadjar Forum comments. Most of us have never had this functionality working. In this respect the R Link 2 functionality is 'not fit for purpose' 2. In this respect the I/TA [announcement] function on DR band does not work for me. 3. The phone system has a function switch to stop SMS from working and interrupting the driver. This does not work and incoming SMS messages do interrupt the driver and I have to take my eyes off the road to read the central display and press 'stop dialling' to end the process of SMS retrieval. In this respect the R Link 2 functionality is 'not fit for purpose'. Navigation I have tried very little to use the navigation system as it has, for me, major design and updating issues. 1. The software supplied in the new car at 30th November 2016 was 2014 maps, completely unacceptable to be over 2 years out of date. An attempt to update seemed to fail as the R Link 2 system wanted to keep trying to update from the USB stick despite the system showing a 2015-06 version already updated. This update process In the R Link 2 functionality is 'not fit for purpose'. 2. The R Link 2 screen randomly shows the message as per attached picture. 'No map coverage for current location'. This happens all the time for me or many other customers as can be seen from the Renault Kadjar Forum comments. This is despite the map showing the current location on the screen. Very annoying. In this respect the R Link 2 functionality is 'not fit for purpose'. 3. When adding an 'address' to the navigation system and entering a town the name is accepted but the remaining fields are greyed out and the message 'no street data for the town/city available' or similar words. In this respect the R Link 2 functionality is 'not fit for purpose'. 4. The navigation system, for me, has a major design problem in that the address cannot have names as only address fields are available. The electronic r Link 2 user guide confirms that only addresses can be stored. Not much use. If I am going to visit 5 companies in Reading and enter the addresses then when I want to retrieve them to be routed then there is no way that the user can know which is which without memorising the addresses. If I want to go the Renault Reading that 'name' field is essential in finding that address from a list. For me personally this address storing function is completely useless and unusable. Imagine having a phone with only numbers, how would you ever find your friend Tony for a list of numbers. In this respect the R Link 2 design and functionality is 'not fit for purpose'. For these reasons, and possibly others not yet identified, I felt the best course of action was to reset to factory settings and start again. Perhaps the update process was bugged and fouled up the R Link 2 system. Back to my initial enquiry for help. The R Link Store shows that I have previously updated the R Link 2 software and the maps, this is correct. I now need to carry out these updates again on the reset factory system. So I access 'manage my products' and see as attached capture image. Despite my freshly formatted and cleaned USB stick being updated in the car with the basic loaded factory system it does not show any updated software available [except for Coyote which is of no use in the UK] , obviously because it knows I previously updated the car. Please confirm how to reset, refresh, wipe out memory or whatever the R Link 2 Toolbox or R Link Store needs to cause it to stop me from updating. This is not personal but I have met, along with many other Kadjar customers, a brick wall in Renault not dealing fully with a partially functioning R Link 2 system which currently has a very poor name amongst Kadjar users on the forum website. I would appreciate constructive help in enabling me to get the updates I am due working. Kind regards Thank you for your reply and feedback. I am once again contacting you regarding your R-Link 2 connectivity. I am very sorry to hear that this particular product did not fulfil your expectations. I can assure you that your comments will be noted and taken into consideration as this help us to improve our products and services in the future. There is no way to reset the R-Link Store for it to offer the R-Link 2 updates again, however I would like to inform that the factory reset did not revert the R-Link 2 firmware to a previous version so a new update is not necessary since the device is already up to date. I want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with my response, so if you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail or call me on the number provided below. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Bruno Albino Customer Service Representative Renault Connected Services Tel: +44 844 369 0000 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Mon to Fri This confirms information previously from Ulfire. My reply today. Dear Bruno Thank you for your response. I can confirm that 'factory reset' is not a factory reset and the name is a complete misnomer. It is only a user preferences reset only and nothing to do with restoring the system back to factory settings as bought. All the issues persist and I would not be able to recommend this vehicle for purchase based on these issues. I will pursue further with Renault UK and the Renault Leasing company as the vehicle is not completely legally fit for the purpose as it was sold to me. Kind regards As regards 'free updates for the maps in the electronic R-Link 2 drivers manual' it says Latest map guarantee Once your new vehicle has been delivered, you will have a limited time in which to update the map for free. Once this time has elapsed, you will need to pay for updates. I have also seen somewhere on Renault site that this 'free' update has to be within 90 days of delivery to garage, not delivery to you. On this site https://www.renault.co.uk/owners/multimedia/r-link-2.html it says Keep your maps up to date Set off with peace of mind. Map updates are free for 12 months after you take delivery of your vehicle*. *Download from PC or Mac. At least one of these is a downright lie by Renault. I wonder what your views are on the navigation system that only allows addresses to be saved but without any form of name. Would you have a mobile phone with lots of numbers and no names? What is the use of a load of addresses without knowing who they belong to. To me it is unusable in this state but perhaps it suits the French designers in Renault. Next stage Renault UK MD Paul Flanagan, Groupe Renault UK, Managing Director [email paul.Flanagan@Renault.co.uk on internet but suspect complaints get binned before getting to him] Rivers Office Park, Denham Way Rickmansworth WD3 9YS If the response to an official complaint is not dealt with then I will be trying the Resolver site at https://www.resolver.co.uk/companies/renault-complaints/contact-details which I have used before, for other companies that ignore their customers, with success, and its free. I wish at times that I used Facebook as this seems to get action from many companies for repeated customer complaints.
  11. Map Updates

    Latest on who makes which bit of the R-Link 2 system updates. I have just taken photos of all the software on my new Kadjar. Base Euroasia map has CGIAR certification logo. Full Europe Premium has CGIAR certification logo. Map Junction views are NNG IGO certification logo. Maps UK 2015.06 have the TomTom certification logo. Full, shortest and economical maps have the TomTom certification logo. Speedcam info have the TomTom certification logo. TMC traffic service have the ITIS 2008 certification logo. [Bit old isn't it] All the following features do not work, TA/I Traffic, I-Announcement none of Transport news, warning, information, weather, event, special event, radio info, sport or finance. I haven't even tried media so I dread to know what does or does not work. Phone has so far worked except only had the previously advised SMS mess up whereby it continues to try and dial for the SMS info although it is switched off. I am going to reset it completely back to factory settings and start all over again. If that does not work watch out Renault UK.
  12. Map Updates

    1964 You are quite possibly correct and I stand corrected. I believe that I have read on this Forum that Renault 'designed' the navigation system, they use may or may not use Tom Tom maps and live traffic. As a customer Renault is 'our' supplier of the vehicle and all its constituent parts and it is their responsibility in law to deal with all issues from customers whether it is a third party or not. In my view they are failing to comply with their requirements to supply their customers with updates, regular or otherwise. I have a navigation system dated dated 31/3/2016 with a map version MID 2015_06, 9 months older than the navigation software, on a car bought November 2016.
  13. I have a new Kadjar with updated R-Link software. However I have never had a traffic announcement despite the radio screen telling me that it is switched on. This is a real problem as I would sooner listen to a message than have to distract my vision to read the sat nav traffic reports which do not stay on the local roads I am driving but drift off screen to show events 50 miles away. I have contacted Technical Support for Connected Services but with no success. I cannot find any way to get the TA traffic announcement function to work. A second issue with the RLink electronics is with SMS. I have the SMS texts function switched off but I still receive SMS texts with a screen starting to dial a number to retrieve them and I have to distract myself from driving to click on 'hang up'. What is wrong with this system that many functions do not seem to work as it should do. I switch on TA and nothing happens despite being programmed into main and regional FM sites that have always worked in all previous cars, I turn off SMS texts and they still come in trying to recover them when I am driving. Come on Renault Support, get your act in order as this is destroying what is otherwise a lovely car to drive.
  14. Map Updates

    Further to my earlier posting I have continued dealing with Renault support for connected services. Although my car tries to reload map updates from the USB stick Support say that my version of maps which is MID 2015_06 is the latest version which is now 20 months old. If I am to pay for yearly updates then where are the updates Mr Renault and Mr Tom Tom! It looks like their support for the navigation system is truly appalling.
  15. Map Updates

    Latest I have just spent time on the phone to Renault Connected Services helpline as my map update is not uploading in the car properly. I have a 2015 version on my 2 month old car which tells me it has no data for my location despite it showing my vehicle on a map of the roads. I have been told there is a known problem with the latest version (2016) of maps for UK/Europe which can prevent them uploading. The issue is in hand and a solution is being sought by Renault.