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  1. Hack the nav files?

    Any one know where the boot files/sector is or resides ?
  2. Thanks, I knew there was a reason for such a simple fix, and why no one was doing it LOL
  3. tuning box

    I’ve also seen insurance being void too ??? Has the car been changed or altered in any way ? you can’t take off a remap in a hurry ?
  4. Oil & Filter Change

    Incidentally after your next oil change dip it after 2 days ? You’ll be surprised what it looks like. My diesel was bad. BUT my petrol stays clear for almost a week. Lol
  5. As said I’ve just been in for my upgrade and also asked the mechanic about start stop and turbo failures He said it does harm in any way the turbo ! He thinks it’s a change of supplier that cause the failures? he also added I use mine and love it.
  6. Agree for some reason this beast needs a lot of power ! I’m thinking of having a spare 6 volt battery (motor cycle battery) next to the main battery in series so it has still 12 v but got the extra current too. There’s plenty space ?
  7. 1.2 TCE EDC

    Since my system update along with the maps I’ve gone from around 34 mpg to 43 mpg around town ! On the A19 duel carriage way 24 mile down and up I worked it out at around 58 The computer was saying 69 ? impress with the upgrades
  8. I think what Renault are doing is a con !!! your forced to use their system either way ? you can’t replace and if you don’t subscribe your stuck with out of date maps. Id never buy a Renault again
  9. That’s why taxi drivers don’t use the kadjar for taxis. The street name display is crap ! ive just had the latest update too so it’s still the same. Yet if you enter the street name it takes you there and displays the street name. I would have thought that would have been changeable through the level of detail. Or. The zoom factor.
  10. Replacment old RLink2 with new RLINK2

    I’m trying to get into the boot sector code. Don’t know what it’ll reveal but I know something has to change as I’m not paying for non existent map updates ill be changing my head unit if I can breach the car system codes to work on their own or with another unit type
  11. Replacment old RLink2 with new RLINK2

    I don’t think Renault are that clever ! if you have the can clip you can reset it to your car and head unit. In my opinion it’s only a hardware upgrade. Of course Renault won’t want you to do this. Every time you start your car a packet of information is recorded on your system. You can look at this using a USB key in your unit. By comparing the old system and the new system it should show you what has changed in the coded message. I’m sure it’s only a hardware update
  12. April 2018 map update

    Thanks for that the one outstanding is the next update it was due to go out this month (why I held off to update system) but as Renault Tec said there having problems with it so told not to install it.
  13. April 2018 map update

    Today the 11 of April I took my car into Renault for the all important Software update; this I have been told will solve all the problems I've had over the past year where Customer support has been helping me to get an updated map from the one that came with the car ! The update produced; Software 2.218590 Boot 5327 Nav info 9.12.80689874 MM2014, Feb 13 2017 2014_12 EXTRA CONTENT I have asked that they extend my free period as I have not been able to update the maps because of the problems Renault have had. I'll wait for their response but from reading other messages Renault are not allowing any extended periods for not being able to update your maps ? I however am prepared to go to the ombudsman (as they suggest) if my complaint is not in my favour. After all I've done everything they have asked of me and have all the emails to prove it. I'll keep this post updated with the outcome as I think Renault are acting appalling here with their RLink2 system and the updating of maps ? One further point; the guy who installed the update said there is a newer map version but its causing a few problems so we can't install it yet.
  14. Faulty alarm

    I had the same problem. I find every now and then for some reason the system needs a reminder as such. Next time it goes off unlock the car then lock it again but hold the lock button for a good 5 seconds since ive been doing that about every 7 weeks it’s stopped going off. Just as I say about 7 weeks later it goes off and I reset it
  15. As said be warned a drop of only 5 o/o of the battery and the car won’t start For some idiotic reason the battery has to be at 95 o/o. You’d think they would supply a 6v spare one for emergency. I’ve been caught short waiting 15 mins outside shops having the radio on. It does however warn you after 5 mins though