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  1. Thanks, I knew there was a reason for such a simple fix, and why no one was doing it LOL
  2. tuning box

    I’ve also seen insurance being void too ??? Has the car been changed or altered in any way ? you can’t take off a remap in a hurry ?
  3. Oil & Filter Change

    Incidentally after your next oil change dip it after 2 days ? You’ll be surprised what it looks like. My diesel was bad. BUT my petrol stays clear for almost a week. Lol
  4. As said I’ve just been in for my upgrade and also asked the mechanic about start stop and turbo failures He said it does harm in any way the turbo ! He thinks it’s a change of supplier that cause the failures? he also added I use mine and love it.
  5. Agree for some reason this beast needs a lot of power ! I’m thinking of having a spare 6 volt battery (motor cycle battery) next to the main battery in series so it has still 12 v but got the extra current too. There’s plenty space ?
  6. 1.2 TCE EDC

    Since my system update along with the maps I’ve gone from around 34 mpg to 43 mpg around town ! On the A19 duel carriage way 24 mile down and up I worked it out at around 58 The computer was saying 69 ? impress with the upgrades
  7. As said be warned a drop of only 5 o/o of the battery and the car won’t start For some idiotic reason the battery has to be at 95 o/o. You’d think they would supply a 6v spare one for emergency. I’ve been caught short waiting 15 mins outside shops having the radio on. It does however warn you after 5 mins though
  8. Map up-date Are they serious ?

    As way of an up-date I'm still waiting for them to resolve my issues. Renault UK have said, "I've not herd back from them yet, but I can see some activity on your account so they must be looking at it" Lol poor guy, doesn't know the tech guys that well yet...
  9. One or two expletives

    I'd still check, most places do have CCTV across the whole car part for theft ?
  10. For the past 3 months now I've been running back and forward to my Kadjar inserting a usb and then trying to up-date the maps to the current map issue. HOWEVER IT GETS TO THE 99.9 % or 100 % then crashes time after time after time. I've had instructions from Renault Technician's with adding code to get the Kadjars Map log files then sending off the streams of data ... you name it we have done it. I wouldn't care I only just got it back on the road and the wife hit the curb shattering the wheel bearing so I can't even take it to Renault for them to do the up-date, although Renault Technician's have said they too would hit the same problem. I'd have liked Renault to do the repair work too but at just under £2K for a wheel bearing and a support ? I'll do the job myself when buying the parts is a fraction the cost. It's a bit odd I think too that my first years free map up-dates runs out in a few weeks time, I'll go ballistic if it solves itself just after this year expires.... Anyone else have trouble up-dating to the new maps ?
  11. Workshop Manuals

    LOOK on Ebay... £7.99 or the delux £10.99 Worth every penny. Its actually the dealers PC version with very detailed drawing for all repairs !!!
  12. Parts, Parts and bloody Parts !!!

    As a way of an update and not a very good one too... With all the hassle I was having I decided to cash in my chips and ask for my money back. THEN I was told because they couldn't return them I would have to wait until they sold them and that could take a long time. I asked to speak with the manager, I am the manager he told told me ! Well in that cse I'll see you in the small claims Court, and walked out. I was told by the online Courts claim to write in and give them notice. I did and give the 10 days to replay or I would be seeking ALL COSTS incurred with this claim, and you will not hear from me again but the Court. Within 3 days I got a letter just saying come and collect your money !!! RENAULT UK ....SORT YOURSELF OUT
  13. Bose sound system quality?

    Bose sound system is crap !!! no other way of describing it really in my view, there are many greater systems available with smaller componanats so needn't take up the entire spare wheel space ! The basic sound produced by the basic system is good enough for the average trip in a car, and as said if the wheel arches are linned like in the KIA and you have good fire wall insulation sound is good, not great but good...
  14. Parts, Parts and bloody Parts !!!

    One other thing, on the mounting I had to buy a small pin and that cost £15 plus vat as I couldn't get the other one out as its put in with 100 pounds of pressure, however the new one will screw in ?
  15. Parts, Parts and bloody Parts !!!

    Thanks for that I will... Although most of my complaint is verbal as in visits to the parts department so I think I'll struggle to show how long I have waited and been mucked about. But thanks anyway... They have now informed me it is available in France ? Great I said, we are in the UK.... They will get it for me but itll take 5 to 10 days... I wait again If I had put it into Renault and paid £210 per hour labour, I'd have had it back in 4 weeks..... with a huge bill of course yet I've had to wait (it'll be 7 and a half weeks just for the parts) then the main parts are only available in Europe ? are we not part of Europe ?