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  1. No Light in Glove Compartment :(

    Meanwhile 2 years later is the light still on in the fridge???
  2. Picking her up tomorrow!

    They all seem to fit pretty well within the buck per spec view. My personal view is buy one grade higher than you think,
  3. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    I forgot, there is a big issue. If posts are numbered and then gets "lifted" for whatever reason, all the posts move up a place. Makes a mockery when someone says "as in post #4,(now#3), the systems I know don't allow for this and leave a gap so to speak, which would seem more desirable.
  4. Over to you owners.
  5. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    I had the 1.6(qashqai), have the 1.5 kadjar(poor move engine wise). However they both share the same issue similar to yours. Getting out of my drive means rolling downhill then hitting a 1 in 5 for about 50 mtr. It's very steep and you simply cannot change up until over the peak and away so 3000rpm in 1st which I don't like on a cold engine.
  6. Hi all

    And for the rest of us it's a pain in the arse, a common grievance, the penalty for buying a new car that will have the irks fixed a year later. Make that 2 years in Renaults case
  7. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    I've always felt it but not mentioned that before but it is a glowing emission, being able the say "as in post #4" lets everyone know what's being referred to
  8. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    So the forum (new) owner is afar?, weird, as is partial quotes which are perfectly acceptable on all other forums I follow. Understood, in more ways than one,
  9. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    Can you just elaborate on that, ie, is it a partial quote that causes the issue, say deleting the bits you aren't referring to or something else and leaving just a single line of text? If as above I am guilty as charged ,
  10. LED headlights

    But that is the footprint, width x "length", the increased width has a snow shoe effect. It's difficult to calculate as the smaller the dia of the wheel then the greater depth in sinks in given the same load which increase footprint length. These would seem ideal but not available for the Kadjar on 19's, out Clio will get these before next winter. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Goodyear/Vector-4-Seasons-Gen-2.htm
  11. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    Not sure if you have the 1.5 or the 1.6 but the 1.5 will be much underpowered compared to the Honda, 1.6 is designed to and does have comparable power to a 2 ltr, so a better choice in your case. However having only exactly 2000 rpm on the dial at exactly 70mph in top is a quality I love. My fishing buddy had a Honda CRV or HRV, the bigger of the 2, he was amazed at how low revving both the 1.5 and 1.6 dcis are.
  12. As above, non Kadjar really, but a massive safety issue.
  13. LED headlights

    I need a clap emoticon, this is the issue. The Kadjar has tyres/wheels that are both too wide and low profile for average conditions. If you don't change to a more sensible winter combo then you are on a loser. Kadjar wheels/tyres are for style, but not best for driving
  14. Ohhh you can, but, I detect a subliminal message here, Led Zepp and Black Sab had nothing on you, .... get shut o........, no, I won't.
  15. Hmmm, you don't have a Kadjar, . To be honest I don't even know where they are on my Kadjar, or rather I don't know how they look when DRLs and indicators are used together as I'm the one in the car, but definitely get some shrugs of disapproval at certain junction I use regularly and I don't brake hard into junctions.
  16. Another Turbo Gone

    We simply don't get the prolonged cold here in the Uk so is much less likely to happen. If you follow the forum closely, as you do, you will see many UK owners have real problems getting good resolutions out of Renault Uk, maybe you get treated better but many will always remain skeptical
  17. I think we are taking the definition of visibility differently so best leave it there. So what's the reason for the regulation?, it must be to address a problem. The reason I made the earlier comment is that a friend owns a local garage/MOT testing station, he hates them (on some cars), with a vengeance as from certain angles he can't tell if the indicators work correctly or not. They are an improvement of course but some manfs just haven't positioned them perfectly, possibly a triumph of style over function,
  18. LED headlights

    It's very strange, I'm struggling more with the Kadjar than any other car I've had in the last 20 years and I consider myself a very seasoned driver, I remember when we had snow that stayed. The problem is with the tyres I'm sure, it was great last year but we had so little snow to give it a fair trial. Now at less than 10k miles the tyres are about 2/3 worn, maybe more on the edges and now they are pretty useless. (these are 19" conti's by the way). I don't have the option to change them as on lease but if it was the other car they's be gone in a flash and some decent all season tyres fitted.
  19. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    Are you cars seats all leather or the fake partial stuff as in mid range UK cars.? I don't know if the electrics are the same or not, it's difficult to tell where they stop dipping into Nissans part bin. My concern was the length of time they took to be felt. I had to drive a minimum 4 miles with them on full to be able to tell they were on. Given do to a pressure switch in the seat you can't pre heat either, no doubt some/all most other brands are the same.
  20. LED headlights

    Nowt wrong 'wi getting out at the lights and giving the buggers a swap wi' a damp rag. Ok, things have changed but that was the case back then. If this wasn't about Northern climes I'd just say soft Southerners but...
  21. New car??

    What is it "caveat emptor?" Looks like it's simply a case of come to the forums first and get the full spec deal up to date, or at least ask all the would be silly questions that really are not silly at all
  22. Another Turbo Gone

    I think the bigger issue is how are they treated by Renault???
  23. It is a known fact that they do, hence the design change as stated, ( I didn't know about this), in post #5 It's not my opinion. it's what has now been realised. So going back again to basics, do you get what visible means Aone, you said "How come they can't see the indicators? There are lights even on the side mirrors. Anyway, on the new models, the led turns off when the indicators are on. " that's the issue, they have done that because there IS a problem, we don't all have a brand new car. I give up. Last comment on insurance claim, "they should have gone to Specsav.......",
  24. That's what "visibility" means, is makes you more visible to others. Given your reply you clearly do get the point. I'm not talking about poor conditions as I said above either good or bad. The point is they frustrate others if they can't tell if there;s a signal being given or not. It's a recognised fact hence the way things are changing to dimmed drl's when the indicators are on. Remember the highway code, not a word for word quote but "always give a signal when it will be a benefit to others", how they make use of your signal re pulling out before they see a car turn is their choice.
  25. It seems sorted but, "2nd dealer Westover Poole, 2 days to fix a seal, said they were amazed 1st dealer didn't find it." Why am I not?