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  1. LED headlights

    Nowt wrong 'wi getting out at the lights and giving the buggers a swap wi' a damp rag. Ok, things have changed but that was the case back then. If this wasn't about Northern climes I'd just say soft Southerners but...
  2. New car??

    What is it "caveat emptor?" Looks like it's simply a case of come to the forums first and get the full spec deal up to date, or at least ask all the would be silly questions that really are not silly at all
  3. Another Turbo Gone

    I think the bigger issue is how are they treated by Renault???
  4. It is a known fact that they do, hence the design change as stated, ( I didn't know about this), in post #5 It's not my opinion. it's what has now been realised. So going back again to basics, do you get what visible means Aone, you said "How come they can't see the indicators? There are lights even on the side mirrors. Anyway, on the new models, the led turns off when the indicators are on. " that's the issue, they have done that because there IS a problem, we don't all have a brand new car. I give up. Last comment on insurance claim, "they should have gone to Specsav.......",
  5. That's what "visibility" means, is makes you more visible to others. Given your reply you clearly do get the point. I'm not talking about poor conditions as I said above either good or bad. The point is they frustrate others if they can't tell if there;s a signal being given or not. It's a recognised fact hence the way things are changing to dimmed drl's when the indicators are on. Remember the highway code, not a word for word quote but "always give a signal when it will be a benefit to others", how they make use of your signal re pulling out before they see a car turn is their choice.
  6. It seems sorted but, "2nd dealer Westover Poole, 2 days to fix a seal, said they were amazed 1st dealer didn't find it." Why am I not?
  7. Does that outweigh the fact that oncoming drivers can't see a turn signal in normal conditions? it may just do, but daytime running lights are designed to give added visibility even in good conditions, not compensate for idiots.
  8. Another Turbo Gone

    And another 1.6 dci. What does the Nissan forum say????
  9. LED headlights

    Renault think adding a Bose badge is the end. They don't have them. My 1980 Cortina had headlight wipers and that had red hot halogen lamps.
  10. 2D and 3D Orientation views

    No. Sorry, by that I mean mine is only ever set to 3d so haven't realised they show differently. I thought it pointed upwards for ahead but may be wrong. Can't see any reason for the map to show other than forward, ie, up, if you are driving that road?
  11. daytime lights fault

    You may be at an advantage having it dealt with over there, (but possibly not when they found out you bought it over here),
  12. I'm just a realist, spelt p e s i m i.................... The thing is that there is so much stuff in place that it would prove impossible to remove, or possibly impractical and as our continental buddies would say, "you can't cherry pick"
  13. The issue is there is no benefit and it spoils the feel of the car so yes, it remains off.
  14. I agree actually. It's not having the lights it's the way that they integrate with the rest of the headlight cluster. On many models they wrap around the indicator which isn't good.
  15. Yeah, I read about that in the blurb about the cornering lights before I got the car, can't say I really find it beneficial as the bonnet is so high and the lamps range out before the kerbs become visible over the bonnet. Nothing Brexit does will affect cars imported imported into Britain, most directives are sensible and will still be adopted, plus Euro manfs aren't going to change the spec just for us. I very much doubt cars produced here, if any still are post Brexit, will change for exactly the opposite reason.