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  1. I know there are many kadjar "owners" on here that fund their cars via Motabilities lease package on here. Looked today and there isn't a decent Megane, Grand Scenic or Kadjar option left available. Looks like a forced change of for me next time. Qashqai range seems the same also Pug 3008?
  2. Proposed starting a new forum

    Personally the last time we had this issue we ended up with 3 different fragments and 3 different forums before a new admin managed to resurrect the phoenix. I and others were posting duplicates on several forums as they were so similar, very confusing. I don't want that again and unless it stays as is, and that doesn't sound hopeful, I feel it isn't worth bothering with, life's too short and all that. Tread water and hope someone can come up with an option to contact MM would be my tack until it inevitably had to be started afresh. Shedder is doing his best, he's had volunteers to help but doesnt have the authority to appoint anyone else and incredibly finds himself stranded.
  3. Towing

    My mate says you can't get a girl pregnant if you keep one foot on the floor, ...................................
  4. The welds are not and aren't intended to be waterproof, it's spot welded not continuous seam welded as in industry. It's sealant that makes it water tight, if they said different then again, they haven't firkin clue.
  5. Roof bars

    Something is going wrong when everytime you change car you have to buy a new roof rack/rails. Hate to say this but it's one area the EU failed to legislate in. Manufacturers have to provide a common diagnostic socket so buyers can get their car sorted at a general garage rather than a main stealer, why the issue with universal rail mounts???
  6. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    I may even get another, but getting more doubtful as new stuff comes along all the time. I just still can't help viewing my Kadjar as "the nearly" or the "not quite" car. The cars great the fancy bits let it down, well mine grate a little. Regarding "ryan"s issue with mpg, you won't find a maker that doesn't claim the same kind of excess. PS I knew most of this when I bought the car and still don't regret the move, just wish they had tried that bit harder.
  7. Carrying 4 bikes on roof advice

    No advice at all about the rack, we recently fitted a Halford sourced Exodus 4 bike tow ball mounted rack on 1 of our cars, excellent, but not for you. My advice is by way of an incident I witnessed many years back. Car in front on wide and fast A road, 3 bikes on a boot mounted rack. They were about 5 miles from a very popular beauty/cycling spot. I followed them for about 2 miles before I could get past safely. In that time I ran over 2 pedals from the bikes, god knows how many they had left when they got "there" That must have been 1 hell of a disappointing day out, check the rack and it's mounting and do check the bikes, especially if brand spanking.
  8. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    A degree of polarisation detected methinks? Probably best reduced by 50% as folks are twice as likely to complain than praise?
  9. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    And here I was thinking 12 monkeys
  10. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    All I know and this is because a friends daughter was in sales at the existing main agent as we call them. She said that Renault had taken the outlet from them, they didn't want to drop it??
  11. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Does that mean customer service will get better or worse?, serious question actually. Interestingly Renault dropped the dealership in my hometown about 3 years ago, they were tightening their belts or something or another. This year a new Renault dealership has opened up?
  12. Towing

    That's interesting and also could explain even more so why the 1.5dci wouldn't be a great towing car. My 1.6dci qashqai had the same top gear ratio, 2k in top equates to 64 mph, in the 1.5 kadjar 2k = 70mph, a good deal higher and possibly the same through the lower gears.
  13. Towing

    Just consider the warranty if you do that, it's an easy opt out for Renault is anything goes wrong,
  14. Towing

    It's a 1.6dci, I remembered a recent conversation with Roxy. I think it was also a 4x4 version so again heavier. Having had both a 1.5 and 1.6 in kadjar/qashqai, I wouldn't want to tow a van with the 1.5, the torque and weight lets it down IMHO of course
  15. ......that there aren't more active members. Kadjars are getting much more common place, too common for anyone wanting something unusual which they were 18 months back. Maybe it's because there aren't that many 2nd hand ones out there yet?, they would probably be more inclined to join. Do buyers of new cars just have them for a year and so feel no need to have any access to shared info as the dealer and the warranty will sort any issues. It would be a far more valuable forum if more took part in my view. However we have what we have and it's a pretty valuable but free resource for anyone considering a purchase, those that ask before buying deserve and get as much respect as possible, can save an awful lot of "I didn't realise" or "Not what I expected" type stuff. It's one of the friendliest of forums around, long may it continue, but with a few more contributing members,