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  1. Sorry if this is a repost (I looked but couldn't see anything)...I have a 2017 Kadjar Auto (EDC) with 36k on it and the gear release button thingy or whatever its called fell off around 3K ago I put it back on, then around 1k ago whilst in a remote farm yard (I do around 20k a year traveling around rural Wales) the bloody thing broke completely off and left me stranded until I figured out how to move it from park without the button. I live over an hour to the nearest dealer (Hereford/Shrewsbury/Aberystwyth) so I haven't been to them yet as I'm waiting for the next service which the car tells me is in 28 days :-) , but I did call them and they said that they have never heard of such a thing happening and as such it is unlikely that the warranty will cover it as it will be classed as 'wear and tear' - surely Renault expect a plastic button to at least last the warranty period? Has anyone else had the same issue?
  2. Sorry if this is a repost... My car is about a month old now, and I'm scared to put the Auto Stop Start on because when its on it won't start. The first time it happened at about 300 miles and the only way I could get it to start was to switch it off, get out the car, lock it/unlock it using the key and then it started. The second time was about 400 miles later, and it started by turning the Auto Stop Start off (dash button) - both times were at a green light!!!! I haven't taken it to Renault yet as the nearest dealer is about 45 miles away (my local dealer is now independant...DOH!). The car now has around 1700 miles, and has been fantastic otherwise and MPG of 65 - 85. Its a Dynamic Nav 1.5 Auto, it that makes any difference...