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  1. HI Is there anyway to find out when my next service is due, either from within Rlink or the dashboard? It seems to creep up on me and all of the sudden the dash board will come up with a message which does not seem to give me much time to book it in ... Any help appreciated!
  2. Rlink no vision, no sound

    after alot of issues with mine i contacted a Renault Customer Relations who said i needed to take it to a dealership for a Mandatory update (as it was showing as a 'recall' - so i got that updated) only after that update was applied, could i then proceed with updating the Rlink software from the r-link store: https://gb.rlinkstore.com/home/ under SYSTEM INFORMATION my software release is showing and the BOOT RELEASE is 4992 after i upgraded the maps from the rlink store , the MAP details showed as MM2014 Naviagtion (once you get everything updated properly and you go to the rlink store it will tell you what updates are available however, this was not without lots of contact with the Rlink support team inorder to get that far ! ) hope that helps yes..theres definitly some irony in your track name ...
  3. Rlink no vision, no sound

    I've had it for 3 weeks but its actually 8 months old (new as of feb 2016) if they were meant to update before selling to me then yes bad show.... Not sure on the protocol of new-ish cars! Agreed, poor service if known issue is 18 months old... Didnt realise. Thanks for the info...!
  4. Rlink no vision, no sound

    I actually went in to buy a duster! Ticked all the boxes but was blind-sided by the fact it had no foot rest on the left of the clutch . So would mean v achey ankle on ling journeys. plusideally wanted an automatic so maybe it was for the best. The exterior of the duster looked great but the interior very cheap/plastiky. so i panicked and test drove the kadjar. All very nice but way out of price range brand new Maybe the update wont solve my problem but maybe it solves some of the other little oddities ive noticed 😏 Otherwise ill be posting back here 😏 Have a good eve
  5. Rlink no vision, no sound

    Hello All I am sorry you (we) are all having these problems - how frustrating ... i am trying to put this in perspective. Working in IT there is not a computer (in my opinion) that does not need a good reboot every so often (we have a policy of doing this once a month for some of our machines/applications - this solves alot of unexpected issues months later when they suddenly crash or dont' work properly) and we all know how buggy new software can be ... iphones updates ... windows 10 (ugh don't get me started on windows 10! :-( at the end of the day the r-link is a computer so is no different in terms of the reboots/updates/bugs ... @Kaidjar - i really do hope the new unit solves your issue - pls let me know @robertp and @ulfire - thanks so much for the tip of switching off for 10 secs - i have not tried this yet (im going to upgrade the firmware this weekend and see what happens) but if that does work for me then you know what? swtiching it off and on again properly every few weeks? i think i can live with that (my theory is as long as the important stuff is working e.g. engine, brakes, speedo dashboard - the lesser stuff can take abit more of a backseat - especially if the on/off thing gets it working quickly) i will still book in to get diagnostics done when i get chance ...(because of the answer below) i did email the r-link support desk - here is their official answer: "" I am sorry to hear of the difficulty that you have been encountering. The issue that you are describing could have just been a temporary one and may well now be resolved. However, if it continues to happen, I would recommend booking an appointment with your nearest Dealership. They will be able to use their diagnostic tool to test to see whether the issue is hardware related. Also, once the vehicle is there they will be able to update the firmware of the device to the latest software release, which will appear on-board as ''. This may well resolve the issue also. " i've asked for a list of firmware update version and related bugs (every good sw company releases these but i couldn't find any on the internet) but not recieved anything back yet - i'm interested to know what reported bugs are in the lastest software version and my current version i've also spoken to a renault 'relationship' manager - she was very helpful and said to keep her informed - if there are issues with dealerships then she can get the 'service manager' (or some fancy title) involved and sounds like they can put pressure on the dealerships to sort things out - fingers crossed also in trying to put things into perspective - i guess no make of car is without fault - when i went to buy mine the salesman was tied up with another customer - he said to me the customer was so hacked off with BMW having read 'fantastic reviews' on the kadjar he wanted one (maybe i am naieve and thats sales-bs) - having only owned my kadjar for 3 weeks i was abit freaked out reading all the stuff on this forum and some of the awful things some people have experienced - but again i'm trying to put it all in perspective ... my previous car was a RAV4 NV which i had for 13 years and only maintenance things failed (the original japanese battery lasted 10 years!) but in no way was it as comfy or smooth or big as my kadjar - nor did it have any of the bells n whistles that could go wrong (no satnav, phone, DAB) - my next car will probably be a hybrid driverless car - in the meantime i just need my kadjar to hold out for about 10 years ... i do like it and it is the best car i've every owned but i need it to be reliable and not have any major issues (its an automatic which i've never had before - still getting used to that too!) well i expect i have bored you stupid by now with my ramblings ... would just like to say thanks to everyone for contributing - i've found it really helpful bexcina
  6. Rlink no vision, no sound

    Many thanks ulfire i will give it a go! bexcina
  7. Ahh ok. Thanks for that 1964 i consider myself enlightend 😇
  8. Rlink no vision, no sound

    Hi got in my kadjar this evening and the rlink screen not working and no sound ( the speedo screen shows the radio channel with the mute symbol) tried unmuting/switching on and off again... only had it 3 weeks (8 months old) did fit a dash cam 3 days ago to the rear power socket and that is still working so hoping its unrelated presume a fuse has gone somewhere? can anyone offer any further help? thanks bexcina
  9. Hi - i fitted a dash cam today much better to fit on the rear powersocket - i thought from previous comments the rear power supply would stay on permanently even after i locked the car, but it seems to stay on for about 2 minutes after i've locked it (whereas the front power socket goes off immeidately after locking) also its a neater job fitting from the rear power socket - under the passenget seat - all around the black rubber door seal to the 'alarm sensor or phone mic?' (not sure what those white plastic things are that stick out on the white trim either side of the windscreen - if anyone can enlighten me then please do!) you can fit the cable into the trim joint just above the ('whatever those stickey out things are') then theres a fairly large gap between the windscreen and roof trim for it to run along hoep that helps !