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  1. Thanks for your responses, some interesting points.
  2. According to my manual, all 2 wheel Kadjar's have a 55 litre petrol tank. I filled up yesterday up until the first automatic shut off (I never put more than that in to allow for any expansion) and I had put in 58.22 litres??? Anyone else had something similar? Do I assume that the neck of the tank isn't included in its capacity (over 3 litres worth???)?
  3. Clear plastic dashboard screen

    a "non-abrasive microfiber cloth"
  4. My Kadjar is 7 months old, bought from new...... over time I have wiped the clear plastic screens that cover the speedo etc.... and the amount of scratches that have appeared is unreal. So much so I find my eye being drawn to them constantly. It's driving me insane. Any ideas on how to remove them? Why they are made of such easily scratchable material I will never know.
  5. Very happy new owner

    No what I meant was having to change from speed limiter to cruise (I find I use both systems all the time). On my previous car I could switch between the two on the steering wheel.
  6. 6 weeks into owning a 1.2 Dynamique S Nav and really pleased with it. Easily the best car we have owned. It's a real head turner. Got £3K knocked off as it was pre-registered :-) As much as I love it there are a few things that niggle me especially in terms of the interior. Why can't the Speed Limiter / Cruise button not be on the steering wheel instead of having to reach down to the centre console? Also, the wing mirror fold button and door lock/unlock buttons should be illuminated, you can't see them at all at night. Anyway, other than that we are made up with it and next year will be replacing our 2nd car, so may well go for a Captur.