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  1. Fuses scheme

    Same problem here: my left low beam light does not work, changed the bulb but - surprise, surprise, it was not the bulb. So I searched all 4 fuse compartments but - surprise, surprise, to no success. So where is the $%&%&//) fuse for the head lamps?
  2. The garage should be able to do it - I suppose they are just too lazy. It should be easy: just take the R-Link out, there is a SD card attached to it, take it out, try to read it (I've no idea in what format it is or if it is encrypted), if you can read it it should be possible to delete files on it...
  3. Are you interested what your Kadjar does when you push the start button? It's easy: just create on your Fat32 USB stick a folder named after your R-Link version, in my case logfiles_mm2014 and inside another folder called logging So the path on the root of the USB stick is logfiles_mm2014/logging If you put the USB stick in the car before starting the car you will end up - after having started the engine and keep it running for some minutes - with 4 folders inside of the folder logfiles_mm2014:
  4. Cool - I thought this setting is not editable as it was greyed out. Not in 1000 dreams I would have thought to turn on the headlight! Thanx barracuda1!
  5. Sharks fin

    Here are the latest news from my antenna: as I was too lazy to take the whole ceiling apart I went to car audio electronic shop asking what they would suggest. The guy was very friendly and helpful telling me that there is on Amazon a short antenna for app. 20,- EUR that was working very well with the DAB+ radio of a customer of his shop. I thought I could give it a try, it was this one: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B014R0A11Q/ref=pe_3044161_185740101_TE_item It is 8.8 cm only and designed for the Opel Mocca but fits on the roof of a Kadjar as well und what should I tell you: It works perfect with DAB+ and same goes for the FM radio. I live in a rural area and I use three different motorways on my 37km way to work. Perfect - no difference to the original antenna! And yes: the original shark antenna looks better but this one works so great that I went to the guy from the electronic shop to let him know that his hint was great!
  6. That mainly depends if they (Renault) put in the complete wiring if you don't have the R-Link... in many cars it's cheaper to put the whole wiring inside instead of having 25 different wiring models on hold... if you don't have the R-Link 2 how abaout taking out the radio unit and have a look inside if there are 4-6 unused wirings?
  7. And here is an interesting video about changing the unit (though it's Qashqai :-) )
  8. @Buder: Android 4.4??? Then you can as well stay with the R-Link 2 I would go for this one and add the DAB+ module: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/10-1-Android-7-1-Auto-DVD-Stereo-Player-GPS-Glonass-Navigation-multimedia-f-r-Renault/32832494108.html
  9. Sharks fin

    Let me share my experience with you: I have a XMOD with original FM/DAB+ Radio that (after it was completely replaced) works really well. As I had to change my garage place to another one with less head room the antenna was to high to fit the car in the garage. I decided to take it off, as in the German forum everybody assured that the DAB+ has its own antenna near the windshield. That was proven to be wrong, as without the antenna nor the FM neither the DAB+ was running at all. So I replaced it with an 8cm antenna from ebay (9,- EUR). To my surprise the FM-Radio works very well - as it did before with the original, but the DAB+ stayed VERY quite. And if you (in the DAB settings) turn on the Simulcast/Handover it most of the time switches to FM. So I will go for an orig. Renault shark antenna (app. 79,- EUR) and see if I can fit in in from the back without taking the whole ceiling apart, because that is why Renault needs 2 hours. For those who are brave (or interested) I've attached the Renault instructions for the installation, you can clearly see that the antenna has TWO cables - so a cheapo ali antenna for 4,99 will give you the FM signal but not the DAB+ signal. All that may be different on the BOSE edition, as they seem to have sort of an signal amplifier in the rear door somewhere. 8201684054-notice-montage-antenne-requin-a.pdf
  10. No the horn was fine- apart from having an embarrassing Bobby-Car Sound [emoji13] [emoji13] [emoji13] Gesendet von meinem SM-J510FN mit Tapatalk
  11. The light was on because of me playing around with the electricity. I was checking with a Voltmeter the wiring of the horn. Error Code said Check Injection but as the car was running smoothly I deleted the Code. If something is really wrong the lights will turn on again. Gesendet von meinem SM-J510FN mit Tapatalk
  12. Well i plugged the little blue dongle in my car today, connected my mobile phone (only works with Android phones, in this case a simple Samsung J5) via bluetooth and started the engine - it worked like a charm . I could read the values of the ECU and more important I could reset the error code and the orange light went out! Perfekt - the bluetooth dongle was 11,99 EUR plus 3,55 for the full version of TorquePro. Tomorrow I will try to connect with my Huawei tablet, maybe I can do some pictures of the setting. Nevertheless next time I would go for a dongle that switches off when the car switches off, so I could keep it in place.
  13. The little blue plug will come tomorrow so I will try it in the afternoon in my work - and hopefully do not have to walk home afterwards, would be just 37km
  14. So it's more or less in the same location for left and right hand steering. I just ordered the ODB 2 bluetooth plug, as I have a (hopefully) wrong error message telling me "check injection". I will erase the message and will see if it pops up again meaning I must really see the dealer. The message came up when I was checking the two wires of the horn with a voltmeter to see if there is a plus and minus. The engine is still running with normal power so I doubt if there is really something wrong. And beside that I'm just curious what other data comes out of my Kadjar.
  15. Rlink no vision, no sound

    Well I have the same sw release and same nav version as Bexcina. The "old" problems got solved when they decided to change the whole unit. So now the R-Link itself powers up everytime, the radio is working (still mostly no song titles in digital radio), and the nav VERY often does not find the satellites (while on my mobile phone the nav software Sygic finds 6 satellites). When I'm next time at the dealer I will mention that - I also cannot connect to the R-Link store as the R-Link 2 Toolbox does not find any updates. Besides that it is a great car and a lot of fun to drive - I even turned the little save-the-earth-leaf on the speedo on - just for fun...