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  1. It's when the radio is updating the digital radio list of stations.
  2. Speed Camera's

    No, my own USB The only thing they gave me were the files to download to capture the issue. I agree with you totally that it's just buying time. I never thought I'd get to the stage that when the voice warning comes on I'm disappointed that it's still working!
  3. Speed Camera's

    For info, I have an ongoing issue with loss of speed camera voice warnings. I have been in constant dialogue with the "help desk " and for the past two months have a USB plugged in to gather logs to enable them to see what's going wrong. Since the USB has been in I've not lost the voice warnings, I suppose it's a bit like going to the dentist with toothache and when you get there....... gone!
  4. Firmware Update????

    Ian, I'm in the same position as you with regards to maps. Can you keep us posted with any progress please.
  5. Firmware Update????

    Sorry, didn't even look at the photos I posted.
  6. Firmware Update????

    No digital text info unless you refresh and change station, sorry.
  7. Firmware Update????

    I asked the dealer when I picked up the car as to what was updated on R-link and as you will have guessed, they didn't know. R-link still had all of my settings such as profile,volumes etc. I've checked the system and map versions and can confirm there are no differences to what we all have at present. Sorry for raising expectations although we should all be used to that by now. Paul
  8. Firmware Update????

    Dropped mines off at the dealer this morning for its 1st service and was advised that there was a recall on the r-link. The girl at reception couldn't tell me what it was for other than "Renault have requested that it's done". I'll keep you posted after I pick it up on what has or has not changed.
  9. New member saying hello

    My previous car was a Qashqai 1.5dci and I always felt that the steering was slightly heavy. My Kadjar 1.5 dci sig is a breath of fresh air in comparison, without doubt much better steering. I'm sure you won't have any problems.
  10. New Kadjar.

    Car looks great! Happy motoring.
  11. Same thing happened to mine last week. Tried the quick reset ( on/off button pressed for at least 10 seconds) to no avail. The cure was a factory reset from the main menu. Before you do either, check the obvious and not so obvious. Check that the warning is actually on and that you don't have your satnav muted. Good Luck! Paul
  12. Hi Chris, Welcome to the forum. I live in Motherwell (not too far away). This could be the start of a breakaway group lol!. The forum has been invaluable to me for all the gaps in my knowledge of the car, there's a lot of very helpful members on here. Happy motoring. Paul
  13. When my iPhone 6s has its Bluetooth already on and I start the car, my phone connects 100% of the time. However if I start the car and then switch the iPhone to Bluetooth I get the same symptoms as Philip. I then have to switch the ruling off and then back on to get connected. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Darenh, just changed my fogs to led and am very pleased. They now look like a match for the headlights. I followed your step by step guide and it worked a treat, however the washer bottle doesn't half get in the way. Like you say 10 minutes a side although I'd say it took me maybe 15 mins for each side. Thanks again for the guide. Paul
  15. Engine Temp

    I'm sure the two bars are quite normal especially in this weather, however my start/stop kicks in almost immediately after starting. This morning after 1/2 mile I stopped at lights and it kicked in. The outside temp was 1c , I had headlights on and the blower at 3, all this with no bars.