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  1. Updates

  2. Fuel flap please help.

    I Have still got a 1961 Ford Anglia 105 e
  3. Red bag in the boot?

    I had one with mine and a nice black case with polish shampoo window cleaner tar remover sponge and a few other items plus 1 Ltr of oil for toping up .
  4. Crome grill

    Yes I'm with you Clangers it looks crap.
  5. Please do's any body know when you do a reset is their a way of knowing if it's worked without having to keep going for a drive to the nearest speed camera .
  6. My car and changes I made

    And my changes
  7. Disoriented Compass

    Can anybody help on this I still can not find this on mine.
  8. Disoriented Compass

    Still can't find it I'm wondering if I have got one on mine.
  9. Disoriented Compass

    How do you get central display compass I can't find it on mine .
  10. Whisling sound

    Mine also do's that no idea what it is sorry.
  11. Interior Leather Door Handle

    Can you take a photo ,
  12. OTE on drivers window switch

    Where do I get one of these from.
  13. Hi please could you tell me where you got them from .cheers Dave
  14. Message on Dash

    Yes it will be 1 year old at the end of June.