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  1. Updates

  2. Please do's any body know when you do a reset is their a way of knowing if it's worked without having to keep going for a drive to the nearest speed camera .
  3. My car and changes I made

    And my changes
  4. Disoriented Compass

    Can anybody help on this I still can not find this on mine.
  5. Disoriented Compass

    Still can't find it I'm wondering if I have got one on mine.
  6. Disoriented Compass

    How do you get central display compass I can't find it on mine .
  7. Whisling sound

    Mine also do's that no idea what it is sorry.
  8. Interior Leather Door Handle

    Can you take a photo ,
  9. OTE on drivers window switch

    Where do I get one of these from.
  10. Hi please could you tell me where you got them from .cheers Dave
  11. Message on Dash

    Yes it will be 1 year old at the end of June.
  12. Message on Dash

    I've just been out in my 2016 1.6 and a message as come up on the dash saying service due in 30 Days and it as only done 4,000 miles as anybody else had this.
  13. Reading Text message

    You need Cortana I have the Nokia windows phone and it will work with Cortana no problem.
  14. Renault Card Clean

    I did the same a few weeks ago my card still works fine,