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  1. My Kadjar (1.5 diesel Bose Edition) is now two-half years old. This is the state of play today..... 1. Pinging warning noise all the time I drive 2. Door open warning message on dashboard 3. Parking brake shown as "on" even when it's off 4. Interior light on all the time 5. Can't lock the doors Do I like my Kadjar? . Wished I'd bought a Kia Sportage instead!
  2. R-link problems

    I hope you can soon get it all sorted. You will see from my posting "Do I like my £24k Kadjar?" what I think about the car. I've also had, amongst other things, problems with R-link. Oh how I wish I hadn't bought this load of French sxxt!!!
  3. Automatic Kadjar hill starts

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry I can't advise on your problem as my Kadjar is an automatic and does not suffer your problem. I must confess, there is a lot to be said for the "old fasioned" cable type handbrake! I hope someone can soon help you. Also, have you asked a Renault dealer? Good luck
  4. I often wonder what they acually do these days on a service. I'm old enough to remember the days of....... 1. Check/adjust points 2. Grease all nipples (in a non-sexist sense! lol) 3. Change oil and renew filter 4. Clean air filter by washing it out in petrol 5. Clean and adjust gaps on sparking plugs Now to me it seems... 1. Plug it in to a computer and scare the hell out of the customer with the print out! 2. Maybe change the oil 3. Charge a rip off price Oh dear, bring back my first car, an old 1950's Hillman Minx. Although it only did 35mpg and didn't like speeds over 50mph at least it was fun and as a single bloke back in the late 1960's it had two great benefits... 1. A colume gear change 2. A front bench seat
  5. I understand that Renault Assist is provided by the RAC. But, I may be confusing it with my son-law's Kia Sportage cover!
  6. No Light in Glove Compartment :(

    Great to hear your good news, that means you will be now able to find your gloves. But in the dark will you be able to see the button that opens the box? (Forgive me Moderator, but I just not could resist. )
  7. No Light in Glove Compartment :(

    If you could travel faster than light, would you be able to switch the light off and get in bed before it went out? Still, I guess it's all relative.
  8. No Light in Glove Compartment :(

    I never keep any gloves in the glove compartment, so I don't need it illuminated.
  9. Hi, what to expect from your new car

    Don't worry, if it's not a 2018 model. The dealer should reflect that in the price. However, always remember it's a French car and sense often does not seem to prevail!
  10. New Kadjar finally arrived

    Enjoy the car. The Bose sound system on my Kadjar is a big plus point for me. However, my wife does not like loud music so I can only get the full subwoofer effect when I'm driving alone.
  11. Hi, what to expect from your new car

    The one thing that I don't have is auto foldback door mirrors. As Renault go the the trouble of putting a press button to do this, it amazes me that it's not auto. Makes me wonder if the designers ever actually own and drive the car!
  12. Hi, what to expect from your new car

    Welcome and enjoy your Kadjar. The only problem I had when new was a whistling noise when driving over 70mph or lower speeds into a head wind. It took some time to find the cause, but eventually it was traced to wind noise being generated by the upper front windscreen seal. Renault replaced the seal and all was well. However, it did take some time for Renault to admit the cause! Good luck
  13. Automatic headlights

    Another example of "Bells and Whistles" that are more trouble than they are worth. I also include in that auto windscreen wipers, tyre pressure monitoring and the rip-off RLink update charges!
  14. 1st service

    The 1st service for my 1.5 diesel Kadjar cost around £120 for the same. However, I'm bracing myself for the 2nd service due in July when the car will have done around 17k. I think the 2nd service is a lot more expensive , although I hope I'm wrong! Perhaps others can advise.
  15. No Benny Hill is alive and well driving a 1951 Hillman Minx
  16. I'm not sure if it was memories or mammaries!
  17. Renault Kadjar boot space

    As previously suggested the best option seems to be to put the back seating down, then you will have enough room for even two Great Danes. The only disadvantage is that the Kadjar will then only be able to carry two humans. However, the dogs will have two choices of how to get into the car... via the back doors or back hatch, far more than the human occupants ! I've heard that some dogs will even get in the glove box for a Bonio Good luck
  18. How do you use start stop feature?

    Refreshing to discover that some French car owners actually have a sense of humour. Although on some topic replies it often seems a bit thin on the ground. Pax vobis.
  19. Diesel or Petrol

    Bring back my first car (in 1963) a 1951 Hillman Minx. Life was so wonderfully simple in those days, although it only did 30mpg. The only warning light was for oil pressure and that came on about 5 seconds before the engine seized up! Still, at least it was made and scrapped in Britain
  20. Diesel or Petrol

    As most of the area around where I live is a 30mph zone, will Renault pay the speeding fine? PS.
  21. Diesel or Petrol

    I hope I'm not tempting fate but... 15K now on my 18 month old 1.5 diesel Kajar and I didn't even know about any filter problems. Surely, if the car is serviced and under warranty why worry? The only thing I have noticed about a diesel engine after 45 years of petrol engines is that it takes longer for the heater to warm up the car on a winter morning! I used to hate diesel cars in the days when they sounded like a "bag of nails" on tick over. But I'm now a fully converted diesel fan. For why? see my previous posting. All the best for what ever version you buy.
  22. Diesel or Petrol

    All I can say is that I have 1.5 diesel and get over 60mpg. The road tax is only £40 a year. Just out of interest, I always have both the Eco mode and the stop/start functions switched off and most of my journeys are short.
  23. How do you use start stop feature?

    I knew my days a Grammar School in the 1960's would pay off.
  24. How do you use start stop feature?

    Yes your right, I'm sorry. Still, I'll be much better behaved when I get my Kia Sportage