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  1. How do you use start stop feature?

    I knew my days a Grammar School in the 1960's would pay off.
  2. How do you use start stop feature?

    Yes your right, I'm sorry. Still, I'll be much better behaved when I get my Kia Sportage
  3. How do you use start stop feature?

    Captain Smith was "pushed" by the White Star Line owner who actually was not British! Now we are being "pushed" by Jacques Delors and his friends to be our Captain or at least steer our ship.
  4. How do you use start stop feature?

    Well perhaps better than a modern day version of De Gaulle and we know how much he loved Britain.
  5. How do you use start stop feature?

    I know this is very, very much "off topic". But I can't resit... What benefits for 40 years? Ask the people around Dover! In the 1970's I voted to join a trading market (The Common Market) not a Federal Union that France and Germany which our successive weak governments have since allowed it to virtually mutate into. If "Out" means our ship will sink, then at least we will have a British Captain at the helm.
  6. How do you use start stop feature?

    Yes and proud of it. I also voted "OUT" even though I have a frog car
  7. How do you use start stop feature?

    Me also, my main grip is that your choice on the "Stop/start" function (ie On or Off) can't be set as a default setting. Unlike Fiat, Ford, Mazda and many other manufacturers. Vive la France!
  8. Yes, sadly I now have to pay the full price for my car and all the fuel, tax and service etc. etc. However in the 1970/80's I had several company cars when they really were a perk. Got a new Ford Cortina or Vauxhall Cavalier each time they had done 30k miles or 2 years (which ever came first). My mate used to joke... "Another new car mate, is the ash tray full again?". Those were the days, before HM Revenue woke up.
  9. We all make mistakes sometimes with the various things we buy. My latest was buying a new Kadjar two years ago rather than a Kia Sportage. On reflection it would have made more sense to give up the Bose sound system for an extra 3 years warranty.
  10. Well, I had a moan today to Renault UK Customer Service Department and basically after a long conversation the result seemed to be....... Renault Customer Care = You are our customer and we don't care!
  11. That's what I have done. What seems crazy is that you can buy a Satnav with lifetime map updates for less than Renault charge for a simple update via R Link. Still, I guess we should all remember that the French have been trying to rip us off since we beat Napolean and saved their arxe in 1944!
  12. Yes, but brace yourself for the rip off price that Renault will charge.
  13. I guess then we have just exchanged rusting bodywork for another form of obsolescence. Still the bench seat and colume gear shift was very useful when I was 18 years old in 1964!
  14. Perhaps then the answer is to buy a 1951 Hillman Minx or a younger 1970's Ford Zephyr? However, one would then have no iPhone blue tooth connection and you would actually need to look at a paper map to work out where you were going. Maybe only getting 30mpg and 0-60mph in 60 seconds might just be a price worth paying.
  15. No, but my old 1951 Hillman Minx (1045cc side valve engine) was better!
  16. I've been driving since 1963 (married 1968) and one thing I've learned over the years is that the best audible warning system in all the cars I've ever had is the WIFE! However, if I could roll back all the years I'd swap all this modern tech crap for a car with front bench seats and a colume gear change.
  17. I just repeat.... Audible warnings would be far more useful. (eg. tyre pressure, oil and engine temp. Still, I conceded to your clearly superior knowledge.
  18. Perhaps an audible warning would be more helpful. After all, looking at all the info on the display while driving at 70 mph can also be a potential danger. I worked with a guy who was once stopped by the police on the M11 while driving. The Officer said "Do you know you were doing 95mph?", His reply was "Do you think I'm looking at the fxxking speedo when I'm going that fast?". I was told the Officer did have a wry smile as he handed over the ticket!
  19. One unwritten law when you pick up a brand new car from the showroom. God said "It shall rain before you get it home"!
  20. Still seems a lot of money that a simple £2.00 pressure gauge from Halfords etc and a tyre pressure check just before an MOT couldn't solve. After all, surely they can't fail a car if the tyre pressure is proven to be correct. However, in this mad tech driven age nothing now suprises me! Perhaps there is an iPhone App that can help.
  21. My usual reply.... Do what I will do next time, buy a Kia Sportage.
  22. How do i update maps?

    Well said, but sadly I doubt if the Renault executives ever visit this forum. Like many others "Customer care" translates to "You are our customer and we don't care"!
  23. How do i update maps?

    Only the French could come up with such a faff! Kia Sportage for me next time
  24. It's clearly a design fault that Renault (or Dealers) are reluctant to admit. Perhaps they should have gone to Everest Double Glazing to solve it. Seriously though, it's apalling that a fault like this can happened on any car in the 21st century. Perhaps Renault only field test their cars in the warm and dry south of Frogland! . It's a Kia Sportage for me next time