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  1. No more Xenophobic posts please

    I fully agree. Hopefully there is still a sense of humour and free speech on the forum even if "Xenial" can't be downloaded on R-Link or perhaps sometimes to the Forum.
  2. Instrument panel light dims

    Thanks, I'll give it a go.
  3. Instrument panel light dims

    I'm finding the panel too dim in daylight. Even when there is just moderate sunshine on the display it is often difficult to see clearly. Any solutions would be helpful. Thanks
  4. Day time running light settings

    A red flag in front? So no Russian in control then.
  5. Day time running light settings

    If you could do that, there is the risk that the idiot in the car behind you will think that your brake lights are permantly on. Still, look on the (excuse pun) bright side when we leave the EU . We will be able to make our own car lighting rules . Even if our cars will still be made in Asia.
  6. Day time running light settings

    With all due respect this topic was about front driving LED's and the possibilty of rear LED lights being on at the same time, not headlights. Degree of understanding the original question zero!
  7. Day time running light settings

    Perhaps when we are out of the EU we may be able to have rear running LED lights on.
  8. Tyre Wrench & Jack on Bose Edition

    I'm not likely to go off-roading on the M25 and my catching fish doesn't go further than Sainsburys . All the best
  9. Tyre Wrench & Jack on Bose Edition

    Oh dear have I hit a nerve?
  10. Tyre Wrench & Jack on Bose Edition

    Yes your right, all covered in dirt and possibly soaking wet.
  11. Tyre Wrench & Jack on Bose Edition

    I have a Bose Edition (19" wheels) and don't worry about a spare wheel or jack being lost due to the brilliant sub-woofer. I have Renault Rescue (ie RAC) free for the first 4 years, then I'll pay for RAC. So relax and don't worry. After all, do you really fancy DIY on a wet cold day?
  12. Red bag in the boot?

    Also, as I've previously suggested..... It's a nice little earner on Ebay! PDI = Please Don't Investigate
  13. Fuel flap please help.

    Interesting to read all the comments from "old farxs" like me. Happy days sadly long gone . When driving was a pleasure and not..... Can I get across the traffic lights before they turn red? or that basxard has just nicked my parking space! I once said to a friend "Nobody should be allowed to drive unless they had a basic knowledge of how an engine worked". He replied "Should they also know how a clock works to tell the time?". I lost that one.
  14. Fuel flap please help.

    Yes, let us all go back in time.... To those simple days when a fuel filler cap was on the outside and you just unsrewed it. Also, while we are at it... Lets get rid of all the computer controlled crap and get back to basics, even if it does mean 5mpg less!!! Perhaps, also learn to map read again. PS. Anybody else out there also wish for a 1950's Hillman Minx or a 1960's Ford Anglia? Those were the days and I won't even mention the benifits of a front bench seat and colume gear change
  15. Fuel flap please help.

    There is a lesson here that we could all benefit from ie. never let the fuel left in the tank fall below a quarter full. Hope you soon find the cure for your current tank filler problem, good luck.