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  1. R Link stuck in a loop

    They wanted releases of the maps and software sending so I obliged.
  2. R Link stuck in a loop

    Have emailed R Link support and they responded the following morning with a request for some screenshots so I'm quite pleased with the response so far.
  3. R Link stuck in a loop

    Looks like a bug then. Good idea Tripleh, I'll fire off an email to them now.... Thanks for that.
  4. R Link stuck in a loop

    Well it's reassuring to hear that it's not just mine that has this problem, sorry that you have this one as well. Be interesting if there's a fix from Renault for this problem.
  5. R Link stuck in a loop

    Morning all, took delivery of my nearly new Kadjar last week and took it for a trip away over the weekend. Very impressed with it so far but still getting used it. One thing that was a pain but slightly humorous was the warning for average speed cameras. R Link seemed to get stuck in a loop and insisted on endlessly telling me to slow down on one part of the journey. It would have done have been the case had it not been for the mute button. Anyone else encountered this problem? Re-entering the destination did not clear the problem.