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  1. Athena wheels.

    No joy as yet. Still looking though.
  2. Athena wheels.

    Hi folks. Nobody out there with an answer to my question then?. Thought some one might be able to help.
  3. Athena wheels.

    Hi, can anyone help with info regarding 17 inch wheel replacements. My car has the 19inch Apollo wheels and I would like to fit the Athena wheels. Question is where I can get them and do they come with tpms. Would the sensors need to be calibrated or just reset as usual through the normal settings. Any help including costs appreciated.
  4. front indicator bulbs

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to change front indicator bulbs please. I have got replacement led ones to fit but cannot see any sign of the bulb holders below the headlight cover under the bonnet
  5. Caliper Paint

    Hi, I painted my calipers on my old Renault megane convertible. I used Hammerite smooth and had no problems. I did give it three coats. Did my mates Jag with caliper paint he got from Halfords.
  6. Hi Daren, I think your mods are excellent. Do you recall a previous question asked by myself regarding removing the door card to fit folding mirror kit. I know you get instructions with the kit but I would still prefer to tackle removal before purchasing. can you help, preferable with pictures ?. All the best William.

  7. HI, does any one know how I could disable the front passenger child window locking so it is able to be operated when the rear windows are locked by the button on the drivers window switch panel. Bit of a pain for front seat passenger when rear windows disabled.
  8. Removing rear light

    Hi all, do not know if this helps but if you follow the e guide by Renault or the good old drivers handbook the instructions for removing the rear lamp for changing the indicator bulb fails to tell you to remove inner cover in the boot and undo large plastic nut as well as the two rear screws by the boot rubber. Off side harder to get your hand in than nearside if you are right handed like me. Bit remiss of Renault because if your not aware of this you will not get it off or end up breaking the unit.

    Yes you can, but it gives everyone something to do when there is rubbish on tv.

    Ok, Thanks for that. Usefull info.

    Sorry, do not understand quote, " something to do with the towbar " regarding this topic.
  12. Apollo wheels

    Yes no problem. TPMS sorted after a quick reset.

    Car was 6 months old on a 16 plate from Autoworld. Apart from towbar, accessories were fitted by myself. I would describe my phone as a brick and that is being kind.
  14. Would you recommend the Kadjar?

    Ditto, 1.6 s nav.
  15. Apollo wheels

    Removed and refitted my wheels today. osf to osr and nsf to nsr. Always swap my wheels around this way to even out tyre wear but keep them on same side of car. I give them a good coat of polish inside the rims and noticed they are made in Germany.