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  1. Got mine today

    looks fab Scooby!
  2. Hands free calls

    Thank you! I feel stupid now for not fully checking
  3. Hands free calls

    Hi guys Just got my Kadjar yesterday, been trying to make a few calls from my mobile but I cant seem to get it to work properly I press the call button on the stalk on the rhs of the steering wheel which brings up call log and contacts on the Rlink screen however without scrolling the screen I cant navigate through my contacts - my old car i could scroll up and down through my contacts from buttons on the steering wheel to select what name I needed then press call to phone them - truly hands free calling in the eyes of the law but currently I think I need to break the law by touching the screen to scroll through my contacts am I doing something wrong? The user handbook shows a scroll wheel on the stalk but I dont have this in my car
  4. Roofrack

    Ive just ordered a set of Cruz Airo aluminium bars from Roofbox.co.uk - cost £110 Ill report on them once delivered this week
  5. Finally got mine!

    After a long wait (ordered it in September!) I finally took delivery yesterday - one bonus of waiting so long is that I got a brand new 17 plate I love driving it, it feels huge though compared to my last car - Seat leon Got to say I dont really understand how to work the R link or hands free calls
  6. Waiting on mine!

    manual Ive seen pics on here of the Cosmos Blue and its lovely! Hope you get yours next week, youl need to post pics!
  7. It's here at last!

    Bigfoot - lovely car Ive ordered the same colour, just patiently waiting delivery
  8. Waiting on mine!

    Hi guys I have ordered my 1.5 Dynamique in Cosmos Blue! so excited as its a beautiful car Got a call today to tell me mines will be in a delivery coming into the UK at the end of Sept/start of Oct it means I should take delivery middle/end of Oct......I thought it was going to be close to Christmas before I got it! Discovered this forum last night by accident, awesome stuff, keep up the good work