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  1. colour changed by Renault 😊

    Sounds to me like a dealer that needs to be named and shamed.
  2. Mic Off In Call

    Oh. That's helpful.
  3. Mic Off In Call

    Can you not just use the mute button on the steering wheel audio control stalk?
  4. Das

    You can change it to a speed indicator or audio indicator by pressing the button on the steering wheel that looks like a pack of cards.
  5. Its nearly here

    Good colour choice [emoji6]
  6. Let's see how long it lasts!
  7. Just to close this thread out, I've just had the car detailed and protected inside and out. Someone at Renault must have done something right, as there were only 4 spots of decontamination that showed up during the paint prep and no noticeably rough patches. Still, nice to know that the bodywork has been properly prepped before being protected. A few shiny photos below.
  8. Rlink Toolbox not detecting USB

    Does the USB disk appear on your desktop or in Disk Utility when you plug it in?
  9. Ordered

    Yes, we have a small herd of about 12. Here are a few of our gang hanging out in the garden.
  10. Rlink Toolbox not detecting USB

    Just to say no problems at all at this end. Formatted a 4Gb USB stick to FAT format on my Mac, then plugged into the car. Downloaded the R-Link 2 software and put the USB stick back in my Mac. All recognised fine and updates downloaded to the stick ready for installation.
  11. Ordered

    It's here! Picked it this morning. Very pleased so far. Only downside being an annoying mark that looks like a water stain on the top dashboard trim, but seems to be a manufacturing flaw, so that will be getting replaced at some point under warranty.
  12. Rlink Toolbox not detecting USB

    Yep. You can format a USB stick in four different types on a Mac (one of them being FAT32). OP doesn't say whether he did this or not, so that may be his problem. I'm about to try mine, having just picked it up.
  13. Rlink Toolbox not detecting USB

    Shouldn't be an issue. Macs can read both Windows and Mac formats natively (unlike Windows, I might add).
  14. Autoglass will usually fit genuine parts with authorisation from your insurer.
  15. Ordered

    Just had notification that mine is now with the dealer and being prepped. Picking it up Friday morning. I'll be glad to see the back of my ageing Freelander 2. Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk