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  1. Automatic - Persistent Overrevving

    I’ve also noticed a decrease in mpg,I’d hazard a guess and say it is.
  2. This happens to me when I’m at a barrier in the car park I’m only small so have to lean forward so therefore reduce pressure on the seat and it turns off
  3. Automatic - Persistent Overrevving

    Yep mine seems to do this all the time now, never used to before it went in for a service, 2nd-3rd is the worse nearly 4 thousand revs it hangs that much I think it’s in manual sometimes it does it in eco as well.
  4. Windscreen rubber seal problem

    Ive exactly the same problem, rang garage they can't fit me in for three weeks so they told me to ring Renault assist who rang the Rac who then rang the oh never mind lol. I've got it booked in to be sorted hopefully and I use that term loosely as I won't hold my breath. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Illuminated sill plates

    Got mine fitted today look great
  6. Illuminated sill plates

    Fancy earning some money Daren
  7. Illuminated sill plates

    any luck Buder? Think I'm going to take mine to a garage!
  8. I phone 6

    When receiving a SMS and I open it, it doesn't read the text out no more has anyone else noticed on theirs?
  9. Illuminated sill plates

    I've had two orders refused for some reason my card won't verify which is strange
  10. New R link 2 firmware available today.

    what updates and what extra features are on the R link if any?
  11. Illuminated sill plates

    when you ordered yours did your payment take long to authorize as mines been four days pending atm
  12. Illuminated sill plates

    Just ordered mine with white LED
  13. Sharks fin

    like I said works fine fitted with no hassle and looks good so that's good enough me
  14. Sharks fin

    ordered Friday arrived the following Thursday