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  1. New Tyres

    quite a few (myself included) have gone with the Nexen tyres
  2. Creaky suspension

    I had a similar issue at 6000 miles turns out the rear axle was faulty and was replaced under warranty. 13000 miles now done and no recurrence.
  3. Oct 17 Map Update

    good work. what did they refund you? I've been given a voucher for £100 to spend but have to be refunded from the dealer.
  4. Oct 17 Map Update

    Did you extend your map subscription or was the update just available?
  5. Terrible Continental Tyres!

    which tyres did you go for?
  6. The particular software configuration that has enabled a small number of users to proceed with the new update, is that their software version is a very old version. All other R-Link 2 with the current software version. like your satnav, have not been enabled yet to take the new update.
  7. From Connected Services The vehicles that have now been called in have a particular configuration that will allow the update to install. And have therefore been requested to do so at the dealerships.Unfortunately your R-Link 2 does not have the required configuration for this part of the install process. Currently the dealerships do not have the capability to update your R-Link 2 software to the latest version. No idea what the particular configuration is..........
  8. Hi Alex, Not saying it is this but have a look here
  9. R-Link 2 back to R-Link

  10. Firmware Update????

    Anyone seen the new R-Link 2 information on the renault website https://www.renault-multimedia.com/gbr/products/r-link2-en#fonctionnalites It would appear that the maps have been updated for the system that includes Android/Apple Play as 3D maps are now available!
  11. Rear Axle

    Car should go in this week (hopefully) so will let you know what the cause was once it has been repaired
  12. Rear Axle