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  1. Lighting Pack

    It's always fitted "afterwards". It's not fitted at the factory. It's fitted by the dealer.
  2. Rear socket isn't live permanently. Only few minutes after shutting the engine off.
  3. Anti- Slip Facility

    That part number is from Renault Dialogys spare parts catalogy which shows that it is the switch.
  4. Anti- Slip Facility

    I've done some research and found out the part number for the anti-slip switch is 251455325R. But can't find it anywhere online.
  5. Powered tailgate for the weekend

    @darenh I've just finished installing this kit and it works fine. Only problem is that the gate doesn't close evenly on both sides. Left side goes deeper than right side. I've tried to adjust the latch, but it affects on both sides. Do you know how to adjust gate closing depth on both sides separately? And other question: do you know why the dash button illumination goes blank when the car is started and lights up again when the engine is stopped? I still have the foot switch waiting for installation but I'm not quite sure where to get 12V and ACC power from the tailgate. Installation instructions that came with this kit are pretty useless.
  6. Anti- Slip Facility

    Yes there is wiring and connector. Only the switch is missing. Does anyone know where to get one or part number?
  7. Opening Boot with Key Fob

    If you have handsfree functions enabled the boot unlock button on the key fob does nothing. Handsfree function disabled you can unlock the boot with boot button without unlocking the doors. Then you can open the boot by pressing the rectangle button on the boot and the doors stay locked. You can buy and install the electric tailgate kit and then pushing the boot button twice on the fob opens the boot fully open.
  8. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    It didn't reset my settings and internet connection is still unavailable.
  9. Whats this for??

    No, keycard is too thick for those slots. And why anyone would want to put keycard in glove box or center container. This has been discussed here already:
  10. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    How do I reset it? Does the reset lose all the settings for eg. FM presets and everything else?
  11. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    Yes, but my R-Link says "no internet connection". So how do I get internet connection working again?
  12. Side steps

    Side steps are cooler than side tubes but as steps haven't got lighting I went for lit side tubes.
  13. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    Ok. So how do I renew for eg. this "Discovery Services"?
  14. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    I pushed "OK" for all of these a while ago and nothing happened.
  15. Known R-Link 2 Bugs & Issues

    My R-Link says "No internet connection" when I'm trying to access the App Store. Since there's no internet connection, the weather app doesn't work either. Why there's no internet connection? Do I have to pay for internet connection after one year?