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  1. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance now makes then the largest car manufacturer in the world, plus they all have their off shoots too.
  2. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    I remember when it was announced on Scenic training and everyone was like WTF is the point in that, it probably cost an absolute fortune to develop for probably absolutely zero gain in the real world. Now with the tie in with Mitsubishi, we will start to see proper hybrids across the Renault range, starting with the forthcoming Clio and the Captur (which I have actually seen).
  3. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Typical poor journalism put out to make everyone worry, along the lines of the diesel issue at the moment. Hybrids that do less than 50 miles on the battery won't be banned, hybrids that do less than 50 miles on the battery won't be allowed to be sold from 2040, so anything up to 2040 will be fine, it's just everything sold new from 2040 will have to do 50 or more miles on the battery. 2040 is over 20 years away, I'm pretty sure that the battery technology and drive train efficiency by then will be sufficiently developed to go at least 50 miles under electric only.
  4. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    It is a Hybrid assist, it doesn't do a great deal: ENERGY dCi 110 HYBRID ASSIST For the ultimate in fuel efficiency in the All-New SCENIC range Renault offers the dCi 110 HYBRID ASSIST. The 10 kW electric motor aids the dCi 110 diesel engine under acceleration to improve fuel economy. Under braking or deceleration the electric motor acts as a generator to recover energy and charge the battery, ready to be used when accelerating. Launching in 2017 It is no longer available anyway.
  5. Easy Life Pack

    The dealer that you bough the car from perhaps?!
  6. Kadjar Star Wars Advert

    Renault are sponsoring the new Han Solo film. We will soon be receiving a life sized Chewbacca and Han Solo cut out for the showroom; amongst other stuff.
  7. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    A facelift has been rumoured for a while but there has never been anything concrete, it can't come soon enough IMO; Kadjar, whilst a good car, has aged quickly and has been overtaken quickly by the competition. Also it needs more of a Renault stamp, I've always felt that it was a hasty re-model of the Kumquat, with too much Nissan in there and not enough Renault. Also I know for a fact that there are forthcoming spec and spec name changes afoot across the whole of the Renault range, these are coming into effect to coincide with the new WLTP emissions changes. *EDIT*, Ok it looks as though Kadjar and Twingo are not affected by these spec changes until phase II of each one which is late 2018/early 2019.
  8. Lighting Pack

    Actually they are fitted at the import centre. OP, your dealer should be able to supply and fit it, however it will likely be more expensive than in the brochure price.
  9. My new toy

    I can't give numbers but predominantly it is Flame red and Cosmos blue, with Dune and Glacier white being the least popular, the rest hover around the middle of those 4 colours. I don't know of any new colours coming out, however there was a rumour last year of a 2018 facelift for Kadjar, if this happens than I can see some new colours coming on board.
  10. My new toy

    Glad you are enjoying it, as for the colour; IMO it is the worst one, however the world would be a boring place if everyone liked the same thing. We handed over our first ever Dune Kadjar last month.
  11. Delivery pack?

    Off a Renault system that I can't give you access to I'm afraid, I may be available to do a screen dump tomorrow. So what exactly have you been charged for, that you aren't aware of what you have actually received; cost and description?
  12. Delivery pack?

    Weird, just checked; a Premium Delivery pack is £95, this is a bootmat and premium mats, this is in addition to the £15 cost of the standard delivery pack. Haven't a clue what you have got.
  13. Delivery pack?

    It may be a "Premium Delivery Pack", if it was a car in stock; whether the dealers stock or in the UK already then the pack may have already been on it and they can't be removed, has your car got a bootliner
  14. Delivery pack?

    A "Delivery pack" in anything other than a Kadjar is mats and a pack that contains a hi viz jacket, warning triangle and first aid kit, in the Kadjar as mats are standard, it is just the pack as detailed. The "Delivery pack" is an extra cost but all cars come with them; £15 for Kadjar (as mats are standard) and £45 for everything else, however there are other versions which are more expensive which have premium mats and/or boot liners. One of the common reasons for a customer returning to a dealer after collecting their car was to purchase a set of mats as most salesman couldn't be bothered to ask if they were required so most cars were delivered without them, because of this Renault decided that all cars were to be provided with the delivery pack at an additional charge.
  15. space saver spare

    It's too much effort and time consuming to clear the sealant out of a tyre to then repair it.