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  1. Just for your info "ECO2" isn't specifically about the ECO switch, it is about the whole of the car being environmentally friendly from manufacturing and the type of factory, to the economy and emissions of the car, how many parts are made from recycled materials and how many parts can be recycled, come the end of its life. Anyway as for the switch, I didn't undestand yor issue with it, it gives owners the choice, if you don't want to benefit from it then that's fine, just don't use it.
  2. Delivery pack?

    Off a Renault system that I can't give you access to I'm afraid, I may be available to do a screen dump tomorrow. So what exactly have you been charged for, that you aren't aware of what you have actually received; cost and description?
  3. Delivery pack?

    Weird, just checked; a Premium Delivery pack is £95, this is a bootmat and premium mats, this is in addition to the £15 cost of the standard delivery pack. Haven't a clue what you have got.
  4. Delivery pack?

    It may be a "Premium Delivery Pack", if it was a car in stock; whether the dealers stock or in the UK already then the pack may have already been on it and they can't be removed, has your car got a bootliner
  5. Many DRL's now dim when the indicators are on, so the indicator is more visible.
  6. They are required in the name of safety, so as to make a car more visible, however I think they have detrimental effect as you see loads of cars out there in the dark with just their DRL's lit and not their main lights on, as people can see a bit of light out of the front of their car so they assume that is fine. I have heard that auto lights will soon become mandatory too. Just two things to add to the list of taking personal responsibility away and making drivers ever more stupid and less likely to think about what they have to do "it's ok they are automatic so I don't need to think about it".
  7. Delivery pack?

    A "Delivery pack" in anything other than a Kadjar is mats and a pack that contains a hi viz jacket, warning triangle and first aid kit, in the Kadjar as mats are standard, it is just the pack as detailed. The "Delivery pack" is an extra cost but all cars come with them; £15 for Kadjar (as mats are standard) and £45 for everything else, however there are other versions which are more expensive which have premium mats and/or boot liners. One of the common reasons for a customer returning to a dealer after collecting their car was to purchase a set of mats as most salesman couldn't be bothered to ask if they were required so most cars were delivered without them, because of this Renault decided that all cars were to be provided with the delivery pack at an additional charge.
  8. Surrey here, I have zero issues with DAB in our demo Kadjar and have had no issues with DAB in previous demo Kadjar, apart from sometimes it can take a minute or two to get a signal when the car is initially started and used.
  9. space saver spare

    It's too much effort and time consuming to clear the sealant out of a tyre to then repair it.
  10. Just a heads up for anyone almost there on purchasing a new Kadjar, as of the 1st February the Renault 4 year/100,000 mile warranty will be changing to a 3 year/60,000 mile warranty, so this will be in effect from cars ordered from the 1st February, anything ordered before then but registered from the 1st February will still benefit from the 4 year warranty. Recovery will be 3 years too. On the flipside, we have been told that service plans will be cheaper; led to believe that a 3 year/30,000 mile plan will be £99, so the money that RUK are saving with reducing the warranty will be paying for heavily subsidised servicing packages.
  11. Sorry misread your post I read "Anyway Renault warranty will pay for fixing this" as "is there any way Renault warranty will pay for fixing this?"
  12. Doubt warranty will pay, I would have though they would be cracked due to damage from debris from the road.
  13. Carplay!!!! how?

    Just plug in your phone via a USB cable and follow the instructions on your phone, it should connect up without you having to fart about with any settings. TBH, both Apple Car Play and Android Auto aren't all that.
  14. Different displays have different pre set options, your wife's chosen speedo display is the ECO display so it kind of figures that having as much ECO information available is a given, there is a more sporty display, this has the option of instant torque and power sub display, however won't have the mpg display as an option.
  15. As long as you have the car serviced at a VAT registered garage, they follow the servicing schedule as set out in your handover documents and genuine Renault parts are used then you warranty won't be affected. However, your car won't get any software updates which can happen when the car is serviced at a Renault dealer and if you want get any goodwill from Renaukt, if there is an issue out of warranty, you won't get any.