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  1. How do you use start stop feature?

    Not sure if it works the same in a manual but in my auto you have to use a certain amount of force on the brake pedal before it operates. So if you just hold it gently it won't operate until you increase foot pressure. It is very good in the petrol auto...fast to start up again and much less start up noise, fuss and jerking than with other cars I've driven that have the feature.
  2. USB player album order

    If I look for music via "Folder" it brings up the Albums in that folder and once you select the album it plays the tracks in the right order . If instead I search from the outset via "Album" and select an album it tends to play the tracks in alphabetical order.
  3. Can't hear your noise at the moment but if its kind of like the sound you can make by moving your finger on a wine glass its related to the windscreen seal. Dealer sorted mine effectively by removing the screen and re-attaching it properly. They had to get a professional windscreen fitter in to do the job but it solved the problem.
  4. Keycard?

    I don't have my Kadjar yet but with my present car with a smart key I sometimes find I've parked in an area where RF interference affects recognition of the key for locking/unlocking